Back To The Flicks At Last

First visit to the cinema since the arrival of Covid 19. That in itself was a treat.

Never Too Late is an Australian movie which features a fine cast of main characters with the average age of 73 : Jack Thompson, Jacki Weaver, Dennis Waterman, James Cromwell, and Roy Billing. They are all residents of a War Veteran’s Retirement Home having served in Vietnam, Weaver as a Nurse, with various age related ailments.

In Vietnam the virile young lads were in the SAS together, and prisoners of war, who escaped. The plot of Never Too Late has the old boys making plans to escape the Home, for one last hoorah : a day at the football with a son, a marriage proposal 50 years later, and to sail into the sunset.

Yes, it’s predictable. Yes, there are major plot holes. Just go with it.

These veteran actors work well together and you know what I liked ? Now that they’ve all reached their sunset years no-one tried to out act the other. Team work – their lack of vitality meant that they had to bounce off each other for it to work. Though why Waterman continues to play the womaniser I just don’t get. Never have. If ever a bloke deserved a drink spilled over his head in a pub it would be him surely. Am I right, girls?

Courtesy of You Tube

It’s a pleasant little movie : no car crashes, no robots, no nudity – well except for Thompson who’s character suffers Dementia and forgets to wear pants. It is also a reminder that though the body might at times fail us as we age we don’t necessarily lose our feistiness. Those under fifty years of age will have no interest and that’s okay. I’ve never watched Frozen.

The reviews have not been overly kind. Again, just go with it. This is an easy way to lose 110 minutes in air conditioned comfort. The humour is very ocker so Boo-Bloody-Hoo to the yanks who don’t like and to the reviewer who complained because in real life there were no Australian POWs in Vietnam, guess what ? Skippy was just a flea bitten marsupial and elephants don’t really do ballet in tutus.

Filmed in South Australia there are some lovely shots of the bay at Glenelg and beautiful Adelaide.

Stars out of five for Tear Duct Action : 2

And the coffee was good too. Never underestimate the coffee.

6 thoughts on “Back To The Flicks At Last

    1. Pauline, it was nice to put some lippy on and get out of the gardening gear. The theatres were spotless and plenty of distancing between ticket sales. I felt very comfortable for a $7 outing. New Bond movie out later in the month as well as a Mel Gibson flick called Fat Santa which the Yanks have already savaged. Gives me even more reason to enjoy : seeing their sacred cows given the chop 🙂

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