A Recipe Book For Those With Food Intolerances.

My daughters have eaten all manner of interesting food whilst travelling the world including moose, armadillo, duck tongues and sea urchins. Do you think I’ve ever been able to get either of them to eat cucumber? Not on your life ! It wasn’t until they were both in their early twenties that I could stop hiding Brussel Sprouts in their meals. How I adore the much maligned Brussel Sprout – my favourite all-time veg.

Thankfully my offspring have never suffered from any food allergies. I remember the increasing difficulty of holding celebratory Morning Teas at the Office because of the various food intolerances so many suffered. It became easier to cater for your own needs only and not to share-a-plate.

Blogger, Jillian, from FeedMyFamilyblog.com has a husband and a son who each have 8 food intolerances, 3 of which are shared.

Jillian is one of those “quiet achievers” who knuckled down during the social constraints of the Pandemic to produce a Recipe Book from her years of tweaking meals to better meet the needs of her family. Mothers’ And Others’ Recipes From the Heart has recently been published in both e-book and print format and includes recipes handed down through the generations with variations to cater for different dietary requirements.

Recipes cover Biscuits and Slices, Cakes, Desserts, Dips and Savoury Nibbles, Salads and Main Meals. They are easy to read and to follow. More importantly these are all meals that can be integrated into everyday meal times.

Under the name of each recipe is a colour coded reference to advise which intolerance the recipe caters for : Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Egg Free, Soy Free, Sulphate Free or Nut Free.

At the end of each there are notes should you wish to make further variations such as swapping one ingredient for another.

This book has been produced with much love and with contributions from Jillian’s family and friends.

One disappointment only: not one Brussel Sprout in sight!

Here’s a link for further information:

Mothers’ and Others’: Recipes From the Heart

You’ve got to respect those amongst us who have achieved something other than a batch of sour dough or brownies during ISO, don’t you?


Although Jillian and I both live in Brisbane we have never met, yet we have shared information about local WordPress events and Book Fairs. She asked for an honest review which I like to think I achieved by replicating one of the recipes in her book – the Roast Vegetable Couscous (with tweaks as I’m spring cleaning the pantry and defrosting the fridge in readiness for Christmas).

Delicious – even if I had to hide the pumpkin.

8 thoughts on “A Recipe Book For Those With Food Intolerances.

    1. I’m lucky that no-one in my family ever had any issues with food, though I know it made me inpatient with people for a while because I didn’t understand the difficulties that these food allergies caused until a girlfriend with issues walked me through it.
      Putting the food issue aside I’m so amazed that something as positive as a cook book came from such a negative situation(COVID).
      Wait till I share next what a girl friend achieved!!!!

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  1. I have a nephew that has severe food allergies. His diet was strange since he couldn’t handle dairy (in any form), breads over 24 hrs old (due to a mold allergy), and no orange or yellow fruits or veggies. He could eat beans, chocolate (without milk), grapes and apples… I bet my sister would have loved this cookbook! As for the Brussels Sprouts, it is genetic. Some people have a gene that makes them taste awful! My mother hates them and my younger sister too but the rest of us adore them!!


    1. I’m attending a function on Friday where of the 20 attendees 7 have food intolerances. We’re all of the same vintage which confuses me as when I was a growing up I only knew 1 person who had food issues and that was a Type 1 Diabetic.
      Both my daughters adore Blue Cheese. The smell of it alone makes me want to throw up!
      Have a beaut day 🙂


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