This Week In Books

With summer on the doorstep we are sliding into a heatwave this weekend. Thank God the house is currently spotless and full of both reading material and mangoes.

My Chilli Chicken with a Mango Salsa

The DVD Fairy made a donation to the Little Library last week encouraging a selection of movies not generally considered. These included POMPEII, featuring an abundance of flames and fury with poor little Kit Harrington copping the wrong end of the stick yet again. And then there was OBLIVION which caused a great deal of psychoanalysis on my part. Sci Fi AND Tom Cruise. Why do I self inflict like this?

This facility has become so popular in our local parkland that the Council has agreed to install a separate utility to house books for Little People, allowing them the sensory pleasure of choosing their own books. WOOT WOO!

Read Jane Harper’s fourth novel, The Survivors, based in a small coastal town in Tasmania, unlike her previous books where the harsh Australian outback becomes a stand alone character. Couldn’t put it down though I have lots of “buts”……….

Stephen Fry’s Mythos is a retelling of Greek Mythology and is written the way he speaks making it easy to keep up with who is whom in the zoo.

My garden is beginning to suffer due to the lack of rain ( though the media continues its scare tactics by quoting expected cyclones : Was 15 down to 4). Optimistic, I treated myself to a new addition:

Stay hydrated…….

10 thoughts on “This Week In Books

    1. The protagonist doesn’t sit well with me. He has secrets and the backstory sits well with him. He’s returned home ten years later with a wife and baby and although his character fits in well with the history, as a grown man with a family he seems over simplified, as if the author was so busy focussing on getting the backstory right that she flits over the current period. Like, how many new Dads do you know who have a baby small enough to carry in a sling and who just leave them on the sand whilst they body surf? WT? Regardless, a page turner and you just want to find out how it ends……

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  1. The little library is jam backed with materials! I’m glad there will soon be a littler library for the kids. That sounds like a very good idea (which makes me wonder how it got approval)! Anyway I’m curious about the Mythos book, is it written as comedic or parody?? My Rosemary plant died – probably couldn’t handle the cold. I hope yours does well. They smell so good!


    1. Mythos is simply a retelling of Greek Mythology in todays language and in Fry’s humorous and entertaining manner. I remember being a tad daunted when my father read me the tales as a child.
      I love Rosemary and have several bushes from which I take cuttings and propagate to raise funds for a Veteran’s charity. Adore the fragrance.
      This new plant is much softer in texture though smells the same. It comes from the Rosemary plants at Gallipoli where the Australians fought the Turks during World War 1. Nothing like Rosemary with Roast Lamb….


  2. I just read a book yesterday called “The Survivor” by VInce Flynn (ghost written by Kyle Mills since Vince passed away in 2013) – It is a Mitch Rapp novel, and am pretty sure it is more intense than “The Survivors” by Jane Harper. As for the movies, of course we stream, but we (Cupcake and I) are planning our first trip to the theater since about, I don’t know, the Roosevelt administration, or something like that.


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