We’re Just Not All High Achievors

According to Astrology my star sign makes me a Gemini, the sign of the Twins. This means that I’m communicative, interested in many things, yet easily distracted.

I blame this on my lack of ability to complete projects. A creative thinker my ideas are good though the “follow through” poor as something newer and more dazzling comes to mind. Whilst others built decks throughout the worst of Lockdown, authored a recipe book, or have remodelled bathrooms my claim to fame is finishing a jigsaw puzzle. This does not really distress me as I acknowledge my many small achievements – like channelling Nigella Lawson in the kitchen and binge watching West Wing – though I do marvel at those folk who have managed to change their world and perhaps the world of others.

One of my friends, Annie, is one who falls under this heading. We worked together for a number of years at a Brisbane College. Though I always admired her professionalism, work ethic and integrity, I thought she was a bit odd. Yeah, the pot calling the kettle black…..totally aware…..

I knew she read tarot cards, and had a massive interest in metaphysics, and I knew that she developed study programs to assist those working with the aged as well as Art Therapy.

Anne states that she “loves making theories tangible to people, and enjoy providing them with tools to understand themselves better, and to trust their own healing processes. I am a firm believer in holistic health (mind, body, spirit), and of using the power of creativity and intuitive knowledge to create a life that has meaning and purpose”.

So what is it that Anne created over Lockdown?

Her own study program to assist in achieving the above goals!

I’m still battling to complete my Dementia studies because though interesting it was in no way uplifting, something sorely needed during a Pandemic. Well, that’s my excuse.

But I’m loving Anne’s regular entries on Social Media which she calls Soulwork For The Week and which tend to resonate.

Look at this exercise :

There is something powerful about a self-portrait. Whether painting or photograph. When we look at ourselves, we search our features for hints at who we think we are. But what if a self-portrait, instead of revealing our outer nature, actually revealed your inner nature… just as Dorian Gray’s self-portrait revealed his inner nature. Would you be comfortable sharing it with others?

And she’s working on a novel.

Just let me get back to writing Christmas Cards or they’ll not get finished either.


Happy to pass on a Link for those interested.

12 thoughts on “We’re Just Not All High Achievors

    1. Cupcake, I could have retired five years earlier but had this issue in my mind that at 53 years I was just too young to stop paid employment. And financial planning didn’t really come in to it : the daughter of an accountant ( they’re always tight arses), an interest in property since I was 16, and kids to feed and put through Uni. No planning, just doing if that makes sense…..


      1. I understand. My mom was depression raised, so I am a little tight with a dollar but I will retire more towards 60’s. Like I mentioned in my blog, I work with a woman who does not need to work and is still a teacher and is 80 years old.


      2. I will not be working until I am 80! Whew, her husband was an executive, they travelled all over the world, she has raised two children, is a widow, is dating…She is amazing and she still wants to work. Her social calendar for Christmas=Manhattan and Baton La Rouge. 8 grandchildren.


  1. Hi Brizzy – I somehow missed this post. I love the puzzles. We have a puzzle started on the dining room table that I hope to finish before Christmas dinner. If I can’t get it done I’ll have to box it up and start over after we eat! I suppose there are always over achievers but the key is not to compare ourselves to others as that is the fastest way to dissatisfaction…


    1. I accept that I am who I am. And that’s quite okay. My friends have most definately turned a negative into a huge positive and I am full of admiration for their efforts and perseverance. It fills my heart with joy.
      Get that puzzle done….or look for a card table at your Op Shops and you could slide it onto that for the duration. I recently picked up 2 for $20 which I will use as a serving station when the house fills up.


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