The Letterbox Project

Still reflecting on some of the positives that came out of 2020 one of my favourite initiatives is The Letterbox Project.

The Letterbox Project sends handwritten letters from all across Australia to people experiencing isolation and loneliness. They source writers, manage and approve all letters, and deliver them safety to vulnerable people.

The Letterbox Project quickly become a national service supporting tens of thousands of people. With over 13,000 writers they are averaging over 500 letters being sent each week into nursing homes, disability services, and to lonely people across the country. There are over 270 schools participating, and a growing list of large corporations getting involved.

Why did this all come about ?

  1. There are up to 240,000 Australians in residential care and 40% receive no visitors.
  2. 1 in 8 adults with a disability get less than 30 minutes a day interaction with another person.
  3. 2.5 million Australians are not connected to the internet.
  4. There are more than 6,000 young people with disabilities in permanent residential care.
  5. Loneliness and Isolation are major predictors of mental health issues.

For further information about Why see here:

I signed up early in the piece and have been corresponding with a nonagenarian in a nursing home in Tasmania with a passion for cats. It’s surprisingly difficult to write enthusiastically pages and pages about felines and indeed a handwritten letter takes effort after many years on a word processor. ( as long term victims of my annual Christmas letter will confirm).

This task is rolling over as a 21 project.

18 thoughts on “The Letterbox Project

  1. What a great idea. I never heard about this one, thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    As I sit here reading recent blog posts and also reading John Banfields β€œ the sea”, having a lazy Sunday, it sounds as though every second person in this area is mowing their lawns. πŸ™„


    1. Pauline, I need a couple of sheep to keep the grass under control. I’m no Compulsive Obsessive when it comes to lawn but I insist it is kept manicured a) so both humans and kookaburras can see oncoming snakes and b) because I hate midgies. If we keep their breeding ground under control it keeps numbers down.
      Enjoy your day – sounds delightful:)

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      1. We only have a very small strip of grass and the neighbour runs his mower over it when he does his lawn. But he is not keen on gardening and only mows when it has got to the hay paddock stage. So in between we run a push mower over it, keeps us fit. Agh… midges and mossies πŸ˜–

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  2. What a fantastic idea! With everything being so digital we have forgotten the excitement of getting something in the mail, other than bills. Despite the “good riddance” to 2020, there have been some positive things to have come out of the pandemic, and a focus on connectivity with each other has been one of them. An excellent project for 2021.


    1. I would imagine the issue would be the cost of overseas postage. This project is running on the smell of an oily rag on donations to cover stamps. Is there anything like this in USA? Could you borrow the concept for consideration to get it up and running in your own State?
      Thank you for your positive reaction though. Isn’t it amazing how when we are thrown into shitty situations we can still be the cream that rises above it all? πŸ‘

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