In Recognition of the Xmas Ham

The pile of books at the end of the bed continues to grow. Alarmingly. Blame all the house guests.

I’ve been cooking up a storm these past few weeks. Lots of fresh seafood, all products of Australia. Why would you buy anything else I have to ask?

Today the house walls have stopped shaking and all is quiet. It is eerily still. I keep listening for a baby ‘s cry. So do we put our feet up on the couch and spend the day reading? Not when there is a ham bone waiting to be boiled for the makings of a hearty broth.

Bizarre really. Millions of Aussies whip up batches of Pea and Ham Soup during the hottest and longest days of summer. Waste not, want not. Everything left over in the fridge gets tossed into the mix, even the scrapings from the Vegemite jar.

I’ve been participating in this Ham Soup ritual since very young. I used to help my mother by pushing the vegetables through the old cast iron mouli attached to the kitchen table top.

Some things have changed over time. Our family ham soup had to be so thick that a spoon could stand up in it. My father would insist. My version is thinner and comes with dumplings. Delicious.

Going into hibernation for the next 72 hours. No tv, blinds drawn, and I will survive on toast and tea, weepy movies and some good books.

Bruschetta is essentially toast, right?

9 thoughts on “In Recognition of the Xmas Ham

  1. The table looks yummy and I know how the bean soup can really get thick… I try to make mine in the middle – thick enough to be hearty but thin enough to be able to sop up some liquid with the corn bread. It is a strange thing to have an empty house after all the commotion of visitors – enjoy the quiet and your “toast”. The smoked salmon looks too good to pass up!


    1. You doing okay, though Gretchen? It all came about so quickly there was no time to prepare. The cooler weather makes the heavy meals more palatable doesn’t it? As I’ve had non stop guests for three weeks I vowed no more wine for the month. With lockdown that went right out the door, didn’t it !
      Here if you ever need a chat 🍾🥂🍸🍫🍰

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  2. Thank you, May, that’s very kind of you. Same goes from me to you, anytime. My daughter’s here and thankfully we did a big shop on Thursday. Although I do agree, it was a sudden announcement. I was having coffee with a girlfriend on Friday and everything around us was being wiped down and closed up early. The traffic was bad, everyone pushing to get home before 6pm lockdown. As you said, the cooler weather helps and the gardens are so green now. Here’s cheers to beating the bug!


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