Pandemic Dreaming Is A Thing

According to psychologists since COVID-19 pandemic swept around the world people have reported unusually active dream lives. Collectively we are remembering more dreams than usual, and those dreams are especially vivid and bizarre.

I’ve always been one to dream in technicolour. Wonderful, wild dreams that I swear I must remember because the movie or book version would be a blockbuster. Some dreams are so exciting that I’ll float along with Part 1 of a storyline and finish Part 2 the next night. A bit like Intermission in Gone With The Wind but without the ice cream.

Which is where my dreams have changed over these past twelve months. Still vivid and exciting though now always book or movie related. It’s like waking up each morning to a trivia quiz : now where did that one come from?

For example, last weekend (spent in Lockdown) I had a busy evening racing around the perimeter of my house block on a motor bike, hurtling over the occasional barbed wire fence. Yep, I was a female version of Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. I’ve also cooked venison over a fire pit in Sherwood Forest, and with all this mask wearing business I even featured in a movie remake about bank robberies : Bonnie and Clyde and Brizzy May. I’ve crawled through air conditioning vents after John McClane. And one night I even pushed Rose off that piece of wood in the middle of the Irish Sea. Not even game to mention Rambo……

So this Pandemic Dreaming is a thing. Or am I just losing the plot?

Last nights dream was disturbing. I’de just finished reading a Willie Nelson autobiography. Enjoyed it more than expected : in one ear and out the other. Just what you need when it’s stinking hot with threats coming from all sides. * middle finger to China.

Woke up in a worried state having gained an apprenticeship in hairdressing. Me? Hair salon? Not likely! Anyway, accidentally cut Willie’s braids off. Can I tell you how exhausting it was trying to glue them back on?

Note :

Lost Honeysuckle Rose in the property settlement. Absolutely delighted.

19 thoughts on “Pandemic Dreaming Is A Thing

    1. I have a daughter just like that. On the odd occasion that she does remember a dream she is quite distressed and the brain churns over it all day. She also gets really annoyed at me when I tell her that I’ve dreamed and reckons I do it “deliberately”. It’s a subject no longer up for discussion.

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  1. I can attest that I’ve been experiencing more vivid dreams that I remember upon waking. Sadly mine never feature movies or movie stars… I had that horrible recurring dream about forgetting my locker combination in HS – only 45 years past! Who knew that the anxiety producing trauma of high school would linger into retirement!!

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  2. Well this is an interesting blogpost. I am glad you are experiencing wonderful dreams. I actually think I dream less vividly during the pandemic then I did before it. But, then I have always had incredible dreams. I used to keep a pad of paper next to my bed because I’d wake up and have written entire lesson plans in my dreams and I’d jot down notes before I’d forget them. I wrote amazing lessons or poetry in my dreams. But I have also have unusual dreams about people. This will sound weird, but I have had dreams about people in my family who have passed away since I was a little girl. Detailed, Vivid dreams where I’d wake up and it felt like the my dream people were still in the room with me. I never talked about it much because it seemed weird but I discovered my mother had those kind of dreams too. And I always notice what people are wearing in my dreams down to every detail including the embroidery on clothing, home made lace and specific shoes etc. I stopped having dreams about my long dead relatives when I got cancer. They just stopped. Which was rather nice. It was more peaceful than getting visitation dreams. After my mom passed away in 1990’s i saw a grief counselor because I kept having vivid dreams of my mother who kept coming


  3. Anyhow, my dreams are more ordinary now which is a delightful break. I have trouble falling asleep these days, but my dreams are harmless and usually simple . The other night I did have a great dream where I was with my sister and we were back in the late 1960’s. In the dream I was so happy because I was wearing my favorite embroidered bell bottoms, a long sash and a peasant blouse. I had long flowing hair and I was playing my guitar. I was young so I didn’t have arthritis in my fingers. It was glorious. When I awoke it was like I had traveled back in time. I saw so many old friends. We all sang, danced, and it felt so good to be able to play guitar without my hands freezing up. I wouldn’t mind more dreams back to the 60’s. It was totally Groovy! ✌️


      1. Yes, I just checked it out. Thank you. I first became aware of Dreamtime when I was in college in the late 1960’s. I found it quite fascinating. And then in 1977 or 1978 the movie The Last Wave came out (With Richard Chamberlain). I remember it being a haunting moving with interesting references to Dream Time. I never forgot it. In fact I used dream time references in papers I wrote after that. I wish that film were still available. I’d love to see it again all these years later.


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