This Week In Books

With the current health situation I have been avoiding the local Council Library. Too many restrictions make this an uncomfortable destination for those of us who tend to enjoy three or four hours simply browsing.

This means that the well supported Little Community Library in my local parkland has provided the majority of my reading material these past months. The greatest benefit of this is my introduction to authors and genres that I might not under normal circumstances even contemplate. Neighbours have obviously been decluttering since Christmas as whole series of books have been donated. Keep up the great work People!

I thought I’de share my new favourite writers who I am now relentlessly pursuing.

Robert Crais –  an American author of detective fiction. Crais began his career writing scripts for television shows such as Hill Street Blues, Cagney & Lacey, Quincy, Miami Vice and L.A. Law. Sixteen of his novels feature private investigator Elvis Cole and his laconic ex-cop partner, Joe Pike. 

Robert North Patterson – an American fiction writer, attorney and political commentator. Love, love, love these books. More please….

Jon Cleary – was an Australian writer and novelist. He wrote numerous books, including The Sundowners (1951) which I read in a bushland primary school in the back blocks of Sydney when I was 10 after loving the movie starring Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr. I was only allowed to borrow the novel from the School Library if I had a note of approval signed by both parents. I’m currently working my way through Cleary’s Sydney Police Inspector Scobie Malone series. 

I particularly enjoyed this one as that little bushland suburb, Lugarno, scored a mention.

Yes, a lot of crime, murder and mystery. What does that say about Pandemics ?

10 thoughts on “This Week In Books

    1. I think you would enjoy the first two authors, Jon Cleary not so much. His crime stories have a very last generation feel about them. They resonate with me because I grew up with the memories of Sydney.
      Hope you are feeling more relaxed today, more positive, and your weekend is super😊


  1. I wrote down those names. As soon as I have some time, I will look them up and read them. I must go back to work today. Husband is taking multiple showers and putting on hot packs for the pain.


  2. Just got a Richard North Patterson ebook from libraryon your recommendation. Read first chapter last night, I’m hooked. I like his descriptive style of writing setting the scene. Read Jon Cleary many, many years ago and enjoyed them back then. Thanks will make a note of the others for future reading.just finished “ nomadland” after seeing the movie a couple of weeks ago. A well written and very sad commentary on where America is heading.


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