Do You Remember Little Golden Books?

Last week was a great week : everything about it reeked of a pre Covid week. Remember those?

Visited the local Art Gallery. Always an inspirational outing though often not good for the blood pressure as I have a tendency to get distressed about my own lack of artistic ability. I blame this on those teachers in the 1960’s who would rap your knuckles with a ruler if you coloured outside the lines.

Went to the cinema to see newly released Australian movie Penguin Bloom. Based on the book Penguin Bloom, The Odd Little Bird Who Saved A Family by Cameron Bloom and Bradley Greive and based on a true story. A pleasant little movie for all the family with delightful New South Wales coastal scenery and not animated ( and the only super hero is a magpie. Excellent!)

A community theatre production with an Aussie theme including dinner sitting outside under the huge gums at the local museum was a great night out with lots of laughs.

This is where I found this display, an entrant in the local Book Week competition, made from Little Golden Books. Do you remember Little Golden Books?

Anyway, this week has been lousy. WA is in Lockdown and is being throttled by bushfires and the situation is looking precarious in Victoria. This looks like an appropriately titled Little Golden Book right now.

An appropriate title for this week.

19 thoughts on “Do You Remember Little Golden Books?

  1. Yes my kids loved those golden books. What a great week you had May. I’m looking forward to going over the border soon 🤭😱 to see the Archibald exhibition at Tweed gallery. A much anticipated outing… Penguins Bloom was a very emotional movie but what a great ending. Loved it, especially as we have a resident family of magpies.


    1. Didn’t realise the Archibalds were going to the Tweed. Keep an eye out for the Hemsworths, Damons and Zac Efron 🙂 Great that the Aussie movies are so high profile at the moment. We feed the magpies too, and butcher birds, lorikeets , a family of white cockatoos, and 9 possums. Can’t imagine moving into a unit anytime soon. Have a beaut weekend Pauline and Jack.

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      1. Apartment living would be, I think, so boring without our feathered friends and garden. Going to see “wild thyme” next week. Saw the shorts looks and sounds, with lovely Irish scenery and accents, to be a beautiful movie.


    1. Isn’t it funny how we can remember these things from such a long time ago? I never had any Golden Books – my parents did not approve – and I went straight to books like Huck Finn, The Count of Monte Cristo and Robinson Crusoe at a very early age. Ha ! You just liked the bandaids!


  2. Yes, I remember the Little Golden Books and I still have mine, sitting somewhere in a box. There were a few based on Walt Disney films – Mary Poppins and Pollyanna, but I think my favourite was one about a talking doll called Charmin Chatty?? I don’t think I ever read them to my kids, though. Preferred to buy them books by Eric Carle and Men Fox etc. That Book Week costume was amazing! My kids outfits were usually thrown together the day before!


    1. Hold on to those Golden Books of yours. I believe their value is appreciating. Ditto re the Book Week outfits – always a last minute thing. Thankfully, my youngest was a golf nut from the age of 4 and used to sit up all hours of the night to watch Greg Norman play all over the world. That made Book Week easy as she’d dress up as a golf player ala Norman’s autobiography. And yes, she’s still eccentric.

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  3. oh that dress is adorable! how clever. Art galleries are so important, and i can’t wait to head down to Tweed gallery to see the Archies soon. hopefully the border won’t close again before i get there:)


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