Another Project and Library Lovers Day

In January 2020 Inverell Library, in rural New South Wales, launched a project to provide all newborns in the shire with a handmade library bag of specially selected books to support early literacy. The project is a joint initiative between the library and the Friends of the Inverell Library.

Reading to babies is a great way to nurture skills including talking, understanding, imagination, listening, concentration and creativity.

The team at the library put the call out to the community to find crafty locals who would like to sew a book bag for newborns. Those who lack sewing skills happily donated suitable fabric for the bags and instructions including required dimensions were made available.

Harry Kilom at 4 months, located in rural and remote Nhulunbuy NT, has been reading a lot of books with his parents. Thankfully Father Christmas was extremely generous as I was getting concerned about his Army Dad continually reading books about military strikes to the child.

What is interesting about bub’s haul is that I can tell from whom the books were gifted as they each reflect a particular person’s interests and history. The kid is lucky to have so many *different people in his life.

Another great project from a smallish country Library.

*Yes, you may read as odd or eccentric.

9 thoughts on “Another Project and Library Lovers Day

  1. I sent the idea of the “blind date” for Valentine’s Day to our library and the librarians were very excited about it. They are going to see if they can get it together for this week but may postpone until next year and do it the whole month!! I will pass on the library bag idea as well. We have an early literacy program already in place but there are no book bags involved…


    1. I think Libraries have become such an important community hub, don’t you? My Council Library has announced a program to encourage girls aged between 4 and 8 into the STEM programs next month because “It is predicted that 65% of primary school children will work in jobs that do not exist yet, the majority of which will be STEM related, and yet only 16% of the Australian STEM workforce are women.”
      Which leads me to my next project…………..😁

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  2. Sheri Dye

    This is such an amazing idea! Libraries should be more involved in helping children become more interested in reading and learning.. Not slowly disappear to be replaced and forgotten.


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