This Week In Books

The Friday Night Zoom Book Club discussed the debut novel Lucky’s by Andrew Pippos. As the author is an Australian of Greek heritage who has woven his experiences into this novel, at my youngest daughter’s suggestion we went for hellenic themed snacks.

Enjoyed the snacks more than the book.

My Spinach and Fetta Pie

At Primary School Fridays were Social Science days when we would learn about famous people. They were generally male. I clearly remember the famous females: Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Florence Nightingale and Daisy Bates. So I pounced upon Desert Queen by Susanna De Vries which I found at the Little Community Library in the local parkland.

Talk about shattered. Other than her work with female aborigines in the early 1900’s old Daisy was essentially a nut job. Married three times, including to Harry Harbord Morant (AKA Breaker Morant) old Daisy never bothered to divorce any of her husbands. As well as being a bigamist she was a pathological liar with grandiose ideas. I’m thinking bipolar. Nah, just a nut job.

Don’t you just hate biographies that crush all your long held beliefs?

8 thoughts on “This Week In Books

  1. Biographies usually look at the individual through rose tinted glasses. Kind of surprising that Daisy Bates was not given the soft look and instead put under the microscope. It makes me wonder how many men are written about in a warts and all manner …


    1. In this case this bio was written by a researcher who followed all the right trails. We should know if a person has neglected to divorce two previously legally wed husbands as it forms part of their moral compass. Why it took 100 years to bring this information to light worries me.


  2. Good post to read and look at, like the way you preferred the food to what Lucky’s served up.
    Pauline got the book, about the yo-yo nut case, from the library.
    Your post did not actually recommend it but you wet my curiosity,
    So I am waiting for a second opinion on that one😎


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