What’s On My Book Shelves?

Primarily a lot of dust. I’m a big believer in open windows and fresh air. The Domestic Goddess within withered away many years ago.

When I downsized four years ago I ditched a lot of books. This is how the concept for the Little Community Library in the local parkland began. I didn’t ditch the book shelves – they were upcycled as storage units for wine glasses.

I don’t own many books anymore though they slip through my fingers like quicksand. The pile of books at the end of the bed continues to grow ( currently sitting at 21 items) and last week I purchased a few more at the local Rotary fundraiser. There’s another book sale next weekend to assist the High School support their Chaplaincy program. This is a pretty controversial topic within Queensland schools. I’m totally lacking any religious convictions, and my kids never had to make use of these services whilst teenagers, but with the number of incompetent and dead beat parents in abundance I’m happy to support any program, religious or not, that works to keep our young people out of crisis mode.

End Of Rant.

The She Shack is my sanctuary. It houses my music, most of my movies and Flynns. I’ve been decluttering this area too by sending stuff to the daughters to enjoy. Especially little Harry Kilom. Afterall, you are never too young to watch Casablanca.

My Warries and other books that I’ve been collecting for thirty odd years are down to one book case also. I’ve retained the ones I believe my daughters will be interested in because of family history.

I just have to figure out how to house the TBR pile a bit better.

7 thoughts on “What’s On My Book Shelves?

  1. I have a similar TBR pile. Have recently gone through my books and currently have about 6 boxes of books behind me to give away. Though I still have bookshelves here in the new office and in our back room. I love the quote you pictured at the end!


    1. Jillian, there is always some place or some one happy to accept preloved books. Personally, I think books have made a huge come back with the Pandemic. We still like our ebooks but nothing quite beats the physicality of a books in your hands, does it ? Maybe you should start your own Little Community Library in your front yard? Your hubbie is handy – we’ve seen that. Stay safe in this weather, my friend.

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    1. Gretchen, have you noticed indie bookshops are making a return? I’ve just located a speciality military shop in Canberra that runs online. Makes me salivate. Locally i have a second hand bookshop that specialises in books turned into movies and/or music. I have to be very strong.
      Stay safe in this wicked weather…..

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      1. Yes, indie bookshops are fighting back! My perennial favourite is Avid Reader in West End. Just purchased three books there and one fiction ‘The Last Bookshop’ by Emma Young who was an Aussie bookshop owner. It has romance but she uses real names shedding light on the big chain stores undercutting the industry. Oh, the pitfalls of those speciality shops online! Be firm! And thankfully things are drying out after that torrential rain 🙂


    1. Muri, there comes a time when books need to be rehomed. I remember having two little girls at school warring with the exhusband and having five days to clean out my Dads home in preparation to sell, 1000 kms from home. A nightmare. I’m not leaving that kind of a mess for my kids to have to work through when I’m gone. Just got to figure out how to keep the ex out of the house…….Thinking about setting a booby trap for the dipstick…..lol


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