Getting Out And About or More Positives From Covid

I recently read The Battle of Brisbane – Australians and the Yanks At War. See here: .

One of the positives from Covid and its lingering presence is that in order to survive and remain relevant organisations of all shapes and sizes are having to change with the times. A case in point, the Museum of Brisbane, totally seperate to the Queensland Museum, has recently added some fascinating events to retain interest and to educate.

One of these is a Walking In Wartime tour that steps back through time to look at Brisbane during World War 2 and includes the sites of the infamous Battle of Brisbane.

Other venues include a Dance Hall, a Church which was instrumental in the supply of war brides, Aussie Code breaking secrets, and the Douglas MacArthur Museum.

Now just hold on : 25 years living in Brissi and I’ve never previously heard of this place. What’s going on????

Of course I’ve booked.

The other innovative event I’ve only discovered with 24 hours notice is the Farmgate Trail in the Scenic Rim, only 90 minutes west of Brisbane. The idea being that you pack the esky and travel west to meet primary producers selling their wares : meet the farmer and buy from the paddock with fresh vegetables, cheeses, wines, and camel and beef meat on offer.

What a great little excursion, and a fun way to show the kiddies where their food comes from.

On a personal note Brisbane is back out of Lockdown. Just in the nick of time too as I attended my zoom book club in pjs with a glass of wine…..

9 thoughts on “Getting Out And About or More Positives From Covid

  1. I’m sure there are a lot of great and interesting places to visit locally that just seem to exist below our radar, until we hear about them or we actively go looking. That Walking in Wartime sounds really great, but we’re getting a bit wary of visiting Brisbane at the moment. At least the lock down is over even if we have to keep on wearing masks!


  2. My husband works for our county library and they have had to “reinvent” so many activities. The most successful is the story time. They used to do a weekly story reading for moms and toddlers. Now they do it virtually and it seems to be a hit – they are able to zoom in on the book and it is easier to see from the computer rather than from the back of a crowded room! sounds like the museum has found a way to engage the public! Bravo!


    1. Our Library has brought in Story Dogs to encourage primary school kids to read and the 0- 5 reading program now goes around to local parks where mums and bubs sit on picnic rugs to listen to stories. I’m so looking forward to taking baby Harry Kilom when he next visits. It is so good that organisations have been able to come up with viable alternatives. 👏👏👏👏👏


  3. You do find the most interesting things to do. That farmgate trail sounds a great outing. Thanks for letting us know about it. Will definitely put it on the “to do” list. Started wearing masks, had to put one on before they would let us in to the movies last Tuesday. First time I have worn one since it all started. Saw “French exit” loved it….


      1. Yes the foggy glasses are a bit of a problem. Have to admit I pulled the mask down once we were seated in the movies, we were all socially distanced…🤭


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