ANZAC Day next Sunday, on the 25th April, commemorating the fiasco at Gallipoli in 1915 during World War 1. As with last year many Dawn Services across the country have been cancelled due to COVID and instead we will be again gathering on our front lawns and balconies at 6am to listen to the Last Post wafting across the suburbs. In all honesty, I hope this becomes a tradition as it a moving experience connecting with community and allows all to participate.

In preparation for ANZAC Day this week I sold passionfruit and basil seedlings that I’ve been mollycoddling to raise funds for my favourite charity to assist our veterans. I’ll also be sleeping out in the back garden one night as a fundraiser for Wounded Heroes. Nationally, over 5,000 vets sleep rough on any one night so as a learning tool for families I’ll support this event by sleeping al fresco. (Umm, with a bottle of red).

Read this book – what an eye opener!

Firstly, it wasn’t until the 1880’s that the first Australian woman was allowed to study Medicine at University in her own country, so at the outbreak of  World War 1  the army refused to appoint female doctors. So what did these magnificent women Doctors do? Some raised their own funds to start field hospitals in France, many went to England to join the Royal Army Medical Corps, and one woman was the first female to be awarded the Military Medal. They performed all sorts of surgery and most of them continued being trailblazers at wars end, such as adding wings to city hospitals, in areas of research, leaving legacies for the training of future women medics and continuing to practise all around the world.

During the week I’ll prepare Rosemary cuttings to leave at the Little Community Library with a small note explaining its significance for the Little People and I am looking forward to catching up with a friend who has more passionfruit vines to sell.

For those who need an explanation as to the meaning of our ANZAC Day a couple of snapshots. First, crocheted by a ninety year old woman in a Retirement Village in Victoria. Says it all really.

And then this one:

4 thoughts on “Our ANZAC Day

    1. Yes it is, Muri. It’s also interesting that this day is becoming increasingly important to our younger people and that they are taking an interest in the history. For people of my vintage much of the history is also new particularly as so much information was censored for Decades.
      PS I just sent your Carrot Soup recipe off to my daughter in Canberra as its getting chilly down that way.:)


    1. You know those women who lunch out regularly when they retire? Well, I ain’t one of them. I have a core group of girl friends who share cuttings, pots, potting mix and whatever it takes to make a few bob selling plants. Much better than going to a gym too:)
      My first job was with Vets Affairs. Learnt a lot on so many levels.
      You and Cupcake enjoy the rest of your weekend

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