40 years on : Gallipoli, the movie.

It’s the 40th Anniversary of the release of the Australian movie, Gallipoli. A restored, digitalised version has been doing the rounds at selected cinemas over the past few days to coincide with ANZAC Day.

Gallipoli comes across as a light little movie that examines the brutality of war and the heroic sacrifices made by the ANZACS. It looks at mateship and heroism ( and personal opinion: stupidity), and provides an insight into the lasting impact of the ANZAC story. Makes it not so light and fluffy, hey.*

The movie won eight Australian Film Institute Awards including Best Film and Best Director, and was nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 1982 Golden Globe Awards.

Gallipoli starred two young Aussie actors : shy, blond Mark Lee, and confident, dark Mel Gibson, as well as beautiful rural Western Australian vistas. I was always a fan of the quiet Mark Lee and it wasn’t until Braveheart days that I switched camps.

The Yanks don’t like Mad Mel apparently. Yes, he’s been a dipstick and certainly earned his nickname. But you know what ? He’s not been dealing drugs, using the casting couch to win young girls, has never been involved with paedophilia nor incest, nor murdered anyone. He’s guilty of being abrasive, brash, a loud mouth, lacking cultural sensitivities, and has a tendency to call a spade a shovel. Just a typical Aussie lad. Sheesh, I wonder how some of you lot would cope at a Sunday Sesh…..

For some reason, Americans aren’t offended by Gayle King. Or is it not allowed to be offended by Gayle King. I don’t get that at all. “ What did Prince Phillip die of?” she asked. For God’s sake, how does this flip keep her job? And they think Mel Gibson is whacko….

Although Mad Mel hits the media regularly, Mark Lee has remained very unassuming. Read a write up in the weekend rag. Must say, he’s looking mighty F-I-N-E.

Courtesy Courier Mail 24/4/21

Anyway, if you haven’t seen the movie it’s worth chasing up. Two performers at the beginning of their game telling a story about the too many young lives totally wasted, the too many shattered families. For a little film I remember coming out of the cinema the first time I saw it so full of anger and anti British. Of course, those were the days when I was young, fresh faced and an idealist. I’m too scared to revisit this movie 40 years later – the apoplexy might not be good for the health.

Hang in there, Mel. Hold. Hold. Hold the line.

*Today’s lesson in Queensland-speak , and yes, our lingo changes from state to state. Qlders tend to put hey at the end of sentences. After 25 years living here I’m afraid it is starting to stick. Then I hear my father’s voice in my head admonishing me with “ makes the bull fat”.

18 thoughts on “40 years on : Gallipoli, the movie.

    1. Yes, I guess we only hear what they want us to hear about the States Down under. From media reports we are getting that Gayle King is some big name commentator with her own talk show and close to Oprah Winfrey ( who I also don’t “get”. Nor Ellen. Nor Dr Phill). The media suggests we should be impressed * sticking fingers down throat ……

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  1. Sharon

    Wow was it that long ago? Hasn’t Mark Lee aged well. Memories I haven’t heard the phrase “hay makes the bull fat” for a long time, since my dad died in fact, but yes we do do that. 😀

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    1. Mark Lee looks smokin’. The article I read stated that he has done stage work over the year but isn’t fussed.
      The other actor I read about from the same era was Scott MCGregor. Do you remember him? Was in a lot of the tv series. He’s doing train tours across the country now. Funny where life takes you…..


  2. I don’t pay attention to most of the “talking heads” and I don’t think I have ever watched Gayle King… Now Mel Gibson I’ve watched. I especially liked his Mad Max movies and for pure entertainment the Lethal Weapon franchise was a hoot. As for eye candy he’s aged very well! I’d never heard him referred to as “Mad Mel” except in your post….


    1. Yes, I too think he has aged well. I like the grey and the lines – they sit well on him- whereas when he was young he didn’t work for me at all. Its interesting that media reports portray him differently depending on the audience…..
      When Gayle King asked “how did Prince Phillip die “ one disenchanted wag replied “ fell off his skateboard”. Loved it.


  3. Why do Americans dislike Mel Gibson? Mel is extremely anti- Semitic. I have heard him on tape and seen his bigoted, hateful comments against people of my faith on countless videos played on the news. I was a big fan until I discovered he was racist.
    Plus he still insists the Holocaust never happened. Seriously? Since All my father’s French family were murdered in Auschwitz I can give that fool proof since their names are on the wall at the Shoa museum in Paris. Their photos survived, even though they did not. The Nazis kept excellent records of the Jews they slaughtered. Maybe Mel should visit the museum.
    Gibson was a handsome, ok actor in his youth. However, as a human being he’s always been a dirt bag. By the way, go look at any movies Mel produced.. you won’t ever see one Jewish name in any of them. Why? Because Mel won’t hire or work with Jews. That is just another reason he is not liked in America. He’s known for his bigoted, anti Semitic slurs all throughout the entertainment industry.


    1. Thank you Lesley for your summation. I know you’ve shared your family history previously…….

      I’m not going to respond to this except to thank you for your explanation. Discussions about religion are like dynamite and can go right off at any moment ….So lets leave well enough alone 🙂

      I hope you are well and still in recovery mode from your birthday celebrations.


  4. I just replied to you but decided to delete my reply to your reply but WP wouldn’t let me. Please don’t post my earlier above reply. ( my second comment.) it isn’t necessary to post. I appreciate that you left up my original comment as I feel that needed to be said and people can form their own opinion about it.. I have no desire to tip the apple cart on your post. But truth be told the American film industry doesn’t care much for Mad Mel’s antics. And Gayle King can come across a tad odd but she isn’t a bigot. Anyhow. Delete my response to your response. However, on a personal level it is rather challenging to avoid commenting on blatantly racist people when someone posts about them. Perhaps In Your neck of the wood they didn’t write the negative press about Mel. I don’t know. But Mel was caught viciously ranting on audio and video tape displaying extreme misogyny and anti Semitism that was highly offensive. Frankly, I’m baffled that he wasn’t banned from the world film industry for life.


    1. Lesley, I’ve deleted your post as requested and appreciate your point of view. It’s good to discuss these these things as we learn about our different cultures. Case in point, Australians don’t talk about religion. It’s private. Whereas as we saw in your recent elections faith is bandied about like a box of tissues. I’m not so sure about Gayle King. She’s not so blatantly crass or racist but I have no doubt its there. Which I guess made me wonder about Gibson. Why ok for some but not others?
      Appreciate your insights and may we learn from each other to make it a better world x

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      1. Learning from one another is always a good thing. And yes, in America religion is pretty vocal. Probably because any faith or culture other than white Anglo Saxon Protestant has been looked down upon or the target of discrimination in the past. Therefore in modern times people are vocal. It’s all about recognition for existing. Not about hiding who you are. People are still so ignorant about other cultures.


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