Road Trip Around Southern Queensland Country – Silos, Murals and Hospitality

The Queensland State Government has been dishing out tourist dollars in an attempt to encourage residents of the South East corner to visit attractions right along the coast of the state that are doing it tough because of closed international borders. 

So of course we opted to travel inland following the Southern Queensland Country painted silo mural trail throughout an area that had endured years of devastating drought, followed by damaging floods. Our five day road trip took us to two painted silos, three painted water tanks, and nearly 100 murals. We experienced some great artwork, gained further insight into Australia’s history, and sampled a smorgasbord of country hospitality.

Let’s start in Toowoomba, only 2 hours west of Brisbane and Qld’s largest regional city.

The original First Coat Festival took place in Toowoomba in 2014 as a creative initiative to encourage public places to be transformed into street art spaces with the walls of buildings and laneways used as backdrops ( as well as reducing graffiti issues). Over the next few years over 55 murals had been completed, and although the Festival is now defunct, the artworks continue to grow in numbers. The most recent additions are within the Grand Central Shopping Centre.

And here’s my first confession:

Toowoomba with its four distinct seasons, despite being only 120 kms away, is so unlike Brisbane (that is either hot and humid or warm and dry) I tend to visit some of the 150 parklands dotted across the city simply to enjoy the gardens. Traffic lights and shopping centres are avoided like the plague. We did walk down Ruthven Street to take in the murals.

Second confession:

We hit the Fluffy Ducks. Big time. Think the last Fluffy Duck I consumed was in the late 70’s at the Hilton Supper Club listening to The Commodores. Long time ago….. Totally my fault. Couldn’t face the crowds.

The Visitor Information Centre has two brochures available: one to follow the mural trail, and the other to follow the mosaic trail. Both are very helpful.

To be continued………

11 thoughts on “Road Trip Around Southern Queensland Country – Silos, Murals and Hospitality

  1. Sounds like a fun trip! I had to look up a Fluffy Duck – I’d never heard of one… This sounds like the kind of tour I’d like – art, culture, geocaches at every turn, and no admission fees!!


    1. There is some lovely artwork out there, Jillian – I will post more soon- and they each tell a story. I will warn you that there are some big distances between townships and some small towns are dying.( I’m considering organising a Little Community Library for one small place). I did love the journey, loved sucking up the history, and really enjoyed chatting to locals who were pleased that visitors were in town helping their economy. Off to Longreach in three weeks. Woot woo.


      1. As a child/teenager I lived in Barcaldine, Goondiwindi & Roma, and as a young adult I worked as a Governess on a property between Augathella & Tambo. So am aware of the big distances. This is making it hard for me to decide where we should go as I want to go to so many places but need to work out what we can fit in, during the time we’ve got. Enjoy your trip to Longreach.

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    1. International borders are closed – they are talking mid 23 before reopening. One of our States, Victoria, has just gone back down into a seven day lockdown. Very slow vaccination process here : roughly 2 per cent of the population. Lot of people are also wary.
      Big trip at the end of the month – so looking forward to it 🙂
      I have always been keenly aware that holidays are my forte 🙂
      Enjoy your weekend.

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