Some Devastating News

I’ve returned home from a five day road trip to a deceased fridge/freezer and a leak in the roof. That’s okay – both are solvable. I rushed out and bought a new fridge the next day. Nothing like buying a new frock or paying for a trip but thats neither here nor there. The ceiling repairs? Tradies during Covid are an interesting animal but that’s just another hurdle. No probs. I can deal with it.

The devastating news is something that cuts me to the quick. The emotional pain is real.

My special cake of soap, the one etched with a photo of Errol Flynn, has faded to such an extent that I can no longer glimpse that glorious visage.

It was a gift from my daughter, Pocahontas, 15 years ago. She handed it to me and said “this is your opportunity to get naked with Flynn” (in the shower)……which was a bit creepy as she was a teenager at the time.

Yep, fridges and ceilings are fixable. Errol Flynn soap is not.

13 thoughts on “Some Devastating News

  1. So sorry to hear of the disasters – but I know how that is with the soap! I had a decorative bar shaped like a beautiful rose – had it on a little stand in the bathroom. My son had friends over and they washed up before dinner – yep. They used my soap. Looked less like a rose and more like a variegated pink hockey puck when they were done… At least it smelled nice.

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