Road Trip: Queensland Outback

Aussies are most certainly travelling : mobile homes, caravans, utes loaded up with camping equipment, and families packed into sedans are keeping the outback townships of Queensland busy as. Indeed, word on the street has it that Longreach, 1600 kms out of Brisbane (our capital) is fully booked until November (when the weather turns stinking hot and only for the brave and/or stupid).

Looking out a window – Longreach

My adventures have been many and memorable. I thought I’de share some that aren’t highlighted in the tourist brochures. Currently in transit between Tambo and Augathella, two rural townships, both with a population of approx 400. The former is famous for it’s Teddy Bears and historic buildings, the latter for its bushrangers, its Meat Ants – don’t go there – and it was where the movie, Smiley, was filmed in the 1950’s.

Queensland is a big state, bigger than Texas, and you often travel for several hours before finding a township, and not necessarily one with bathroom facilities or appropriate refreshment facilities.

Life Lessons gained from this trip:

  1. Always travel with water and a few supplies. Not always available and at inappropriate times.
  2. Even though some small towns may give off a very real *Wolf Creek feel don’t hesitate to investigate. There are so many hidden gems to discover, like this one at Movern, population 250

So how do you know when you’ve reached The Outback? The landscape is as flat as a pancake for as far as the eye can see, roads are straight and go on forever, and emus. Lots of emus.

And the sunsets are sensational!

Thomson River, Longreach

*Aussie horror movie which saw a couple of young travellers butchered. Literally. I’ve not been a fan of meat hooks since.

9 thoughts on “Road Trip: Queensland Outback

  1. Here in Florida we have lots of Northerners who drive their campers to Florida during the winter. Many keep mobile homes here just for the winter relocation. Of course, their is a reason they are called “Mobile” homes. Just wait for a hurricane to show up, then you will see mobile home avionics.


    1. Haha. Not Kansas hey, Toto…..
      Despite the arid conditions out here any more than an inch of rain and heavy vehicles, including the RVs get bogged, having to stay put for several days. It is the self mulching dirt which is also what keeps throwing up dinosaur bones. Fred Flintstone country.

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  2. Great post. Totally agree, so many little towns have interesting things to discover. Excellent tips for travelling in the outback too, especially with so many other travellers on the road. And now it is school holidays…I remember the line up for fuel in Birdsville a few years ago – might as well put up your tent!


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