War Memorials on my travels

Did you know that there is a Queensland War Memorial Register, currently with over 1300 sites listed?

War memorials resulted from a ground swell of community sentiment going back to the Boer War when memorials were usually situated within cemeteries. With the mass casualties of the First World War affecting almost every family communal memorials in prominent public places were established as a tangible symbol of national mourning. 

These memorials are ever so present in country towns where the names of the fallen indicate just how many local families lost their husbands, fathers and sons. Some are big, some are small. Each are poignant.

Roma, Qld
Longreach, Qld
Ilfracombe, Qld
Chinchilla, Qld
Exhibition in Winton, Qld, in a Troop Train transporting soldiers to the Big Smoke. ( Located in the Waltzing Matilda Museum)

These are just a selection from my recent travels. I’ve always been a sucker for these memorials and how they correspond to a township’s history. When I was in my teens and working for Veterans Affairs ( then Repat) my dream was to travel Australia and photograph all those in small, country towns. Copped the ” responsibility lecture” instead. In those days I listened to what I was told. How things change.

For more information go http://www.qldwarmemorials.com.au

8 thoughts on “War Memorials on my travels

  1. Sounds like you never forgot that earlier ambition! I say go for your dreams (and share them with the rest of us)! There are so many in the US but recently some have been removed as they have been deemed politically incorrect. I’m not so sure that removal is the answer since they all have a basis in the history of the towns and the people. Perhaps it would be better to use them as a teaching point…


    1. Dreams tend to get a bit frayed around the edges so these days am happy to just keep poking around new places. Already working on my next little adventure. This PC and Cancel Culture is just OTT. You are so right : don’t remove but use them as a learning tool. Don’t let me start on gender neutrality. Wankers , the lot of them….


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