Another Must Do

With half of this country’s population in Lockdown and the rest of us either in masks or walking on egg shells it’s a little galling to admit that there have been some really good things that have come about due to COVID.

One of those is Theatre Redlands, formed last year during the worst of lockdown, by a group of experienced and passionate individuals who have formed an alliance with Redland Museum to share stories from our past.

Early in the year I attended the performance Women Of Their Word, a “celebration of Australian women poets who captured their times and experiences in verse – insights into what inspired them, the challenges they faced and the contribution they made to Australia’s emerging cultural identity”. Some of the women included Judith Wright, Dame Mary Gilmore, and my personal favourite, Maybanke Anderson. ( Never heard of her? Either had I! Fascinating – look her up.)

Last month Theatre Redlands had a new program on offer with a distinctive Queensland flavour to coincide with June 6th – being Queensland Day, when Queensland officially separated from New South Wales to become its own colony. ( I was taught at school that June 6th was D Day but I digress).

Down Came a Jumbuck is a whimsical theory about how Banjo Paterson might have come to write Australia’s unofficial national anthem ‘Waltzing Matilda’. I particularly enjoyed this given my recent trip to outback Queensland where I visited the Waltzing Matilda Centre in Winton.

Following intermission The Droving Days took the audience to “Pub Redlands”, the area in which I live, to join a group of retired drovers and their mates, reminiscing about horses they’ve known and ridden and tall tales of unlikely characters, all woven through with Banjo Paterson’s timeless ballads.

The recitation of Paterson’s Man From Snowy River was breathtaking. You could have heard a pin drop – the audience was enthralled.

So two things :
1. I am so looking forward to the next production from Theatre Redlands

2. There is an annual Man From Snowy River Bush Festival next April. Who knew??? Added to Must Do List.

17 thoughts on “Another Must Do

  1. Sounds very exciting!! We went to the theater to see a youth company perform “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” and we were wowed! The same group is putting on “Grease” in a couple of weeks and I’m really looking forward to it!


    1. Corryong is in Victoria in a rural area within reasonable distance to the Snowy Mountains, and yes, its authentic. These bushies continue the traditions of earlier times with their whip cracking, camp ovens and stories and bush poetry around the camp fire. If you have seen the movie The Man From Snowy River most of the cast were not actors but locals : horsemen who understand the landscape. Its a semi rural environment so I will investigate hiring a mobile home. It feels good to have a plan, if you know what I mean.

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    1. Yes, we call them mobile homes here. With covid they have become extremely popular ( and expensive). It’s just at this stage of my life I’m not even going to consider camping – I’ve earned some comfort- and many events that are gaining my attention , such as fossicking for gems, are somewhat remote.

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    1. Interestingly, one of the local private schools my way recently fundraised to have two ship containers remodelled into temporary accomodation for those fleeing domestic violence. They are named after Maybanke. I’ve started buying something extra in the way of cleaning products to donate as these products are the ones that really bite into a budget. I hope you and Jack are now feeling more on top of things after your health issues. I feel this winter has slowed me down : lack of motivation and too cold to care.

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      1. I love the way you interact with your community, thank you sharing with us. Very cold, wet, blustery down south today – enjoying some downtime. Hope you warm up and find your motivation as required xo


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