Carnival Of Flowers and The Dead Centre of Town

Toowoomba’s Carnival of Flowers has been extended from the usual ten day event and will now cover the entire month of September. As well as colourful public and private gardens on display there will be food and wine events, live music, art exhibitions, and yay, a movie night at the local cemetery.

For the Official Program go here :

I enjoy my visits to Toowoomba, less than 2 hours west of Brisbane and on top of the mountain range, and always manage to experience something new and exciting. Cinema under the stars amongst the tombstones would have certainly fit that bill as would have the High Cheese at Spring Bluff Railway with celebrity chef, Alastair McLeod. *sigh

Normally I would not hesitate to book accomodation and let the hair down a little. It was only a few months ago that we succumbed to an evening on the Fluffy Ducks in front of a roaring log fire at Toowoomba – a much needed respite from responsibility and reason.

With more of the country Locked Down than not because of this wretched Bug I’m not so comfortable roving for the moment. Local Government Areas are tending to Lock Down in a matter of hours, and despite appreciating all Toowoomba has on offer I’m not prepared to risk having to isolate amongst the floral displays for two weeks.

With the EKKA disbanded for the second year in a row – the annual Agricultural Show in Brisbane which sees our rural folk come to the city for some R and R – I hope the Carnival of Flowers is a huge success and is supported by our country cousins.

I expect to stay home in my own garden and nibble on Camembert. Not quite the same, damn it.


Change of heart. Booking a night away afterall. Toowoomba deserves our support…

18 thoughts on “Carnival Of Flowers and The Dead Centre of Town

    1. Army patrolling streets of Sydney, New South Wales but ok here in Queensland though you know it’s just a matter of time.Situation changes daily and Lockdowns can be called with a few hours notice. Last one, folks were notified by ……..Twitter. Not a press conference. Twitter. Did you know Covid effects the pollies brains?


  1. Good on you May!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy and QLDs numbers have been looking ok. Adelaide Show got cancelled for September last week 😦 so sad for all the vendors etc Proud of Foodland supermarkets for buying all of the states CWA jams and then donating back to them ❀ Our local show and field days havn't been cancelled yet so fx


    1. In the city there is a drive through shop where you can pick up Showbags, the iconic strawberry icecreams, and Dagwood Dogs all normally sold at the EKKA. Our annual Strawberry Festival has been cancelled too. I’ve battled to get accomodation in Toowoomba. I think everyone is prepared to cancel quickly as required. The NSW – QLD border is horrific. Some folk have been living in their vans for five weeks, parked along the roadside, unable to get home. It is so so sad and I worry about the trauma down the track……Stay safe and keep busy Jen x


      1. What a great idea the drive through shop! Oh those poor people trying to get home. Yes sadly the effects will be long reaching, thats why community and connections, through events and blogs is so special, thanks for doing your bit!

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      2. ps if you did manage to get to Toowoomba and maybe are even there right now, I just found out my aunt and uncle have a stall at the farmer’s markets, near the windmill and just had to jump on to tell you :p (kids clothes and wooden items)


      3. ps pretty sure i read this week QLD restrictions were easing, hooray, in SA we are now allowed 20 at home gatherings up from 10, fx NSW and Vic can soon join us with these easings, warm wishes to you May


  2. Wow. I hope the show goes as planned and you can enjoy without the worry of a lockdown! I just got a notification that booster vaccinations are being recommended for anyone moderately to severely immunocompromised. *sigh* I’m thinking this pandemic is never going to end!


  3. Sharon

    Touch wood, cross fingers etc we can keep things ticking along in QLD, at least the Lockyer Valley is a bit of a buffer zone between Brisbane and Toowoomba and so far the valley has had no recent cases. I hope you do get to enjoy some time at the carnival of flowers.🌻🌺🌼🌷πŸ₯€


  4. Hope all goes well and you do make it to Toowoomba and have a great time. It’s kind of tricky in these days, do you plan or not plan, when lockdowns can occur at the drop of a hat. I didn’t know about the Twitter announcement – would have been a problem for me.


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