Love Your Bookshop Day

October 9th is Love Your Bookshop Day in Australia. Now I’ve always been a sucker for a decent bookshop, preferably those that double as a Cafe. The quintessential aphrodisiac -books and good coffee.

Bookshops have been my lifeline throughout the pandemic. And we’re talking the small business in a local shopping centre where you still get personal service, that has storytelling sessions for the Little People during school holidays, that promotes local authors, runs a book club, donates a prize for the school fundraiser and might even hold the occasional Harry Potter Wizard Party.

So find yourself a local bookshop. Mine also has a craft club, gardening club and is committed to community. Picked up three copies of this little gem during the week (from Little Gnome @ Wynnum).

Preloved books continue to figure highly and I picked this beauty up for $1. Not only does it trace a young man’s efforts to locate a lost uncle during WW2 but the social commentary is fascinating.

Favourite read for September was After Story by Larissa Behrendt , a young indigenous writer. A daughter (lawyer) with a literary bent takes her First Nations mother on a tour of sites in the writings of famous English authors. European literature meets the power of First Nations oral storytelling.

Read a couple of absolute shockers and I’m a bit concerned about attending my next bookclub meeting. Is it acceptable to simply say that a book “sucked”?

Little Harry is getting a book for his 1st birthday as well as his next Errol Flynn DVD : The Sea Hawk.

October also means another Book Fest so of course I’m busily saving up my gold coins.

Yep, love your bookshop and remember “that the secret to a well-balanced life is a cuppa in one hand and a good book in the other.”

8 thoughts on “Love Your Bookshop Day

  1. I’ll take a cuppa (hot cocoa) and a book any day – or night, afternoon… I’m wondering if this is celebrated here in the US. If so I know where I’m going to go on the 9th!!


    1. You know I’m a huge fan of my libraries and do so enjoy a good second hand book sale. It is important to keep small business going too, so happy to support any local bookshop which supports its local community. Support local – buy local is very much todays mantra.


  2. And yes, it is okay to say a book sucked at book club. I prefer to say things like, “I found it impossible to connect with the characters” or “This writing style left me cold” or even “The story was unimaginative and formulaic and didn’t hold my interest”! Hehe.

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    1. The bookclub read was a fantasy novel, so a genre that I generally avoid. The language was beautifully written but honest to God, I just didn’t understand it. And I tried, really tried, but it totally drained me. It drained me of so much energy that it simply “sucked”. No room for any eloquence whatsoever.


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