Death By Tomato and Rural Aid

Most Aussies would have heard of the charitable organisation Rural Aid. Established in 2015 in the middle of a drought Rural Aid became known for raising funds to send road trains loaded with bales of hay (the Buy A Bale Campaign) to areas right across the nation in order to keep animals alive.

To this day Rural Aid continues to “provide critical support including water, fodder (hay), financial and counselling assistance to help farmers (primary producers) who endure drought, flood and bushfires”. Oh, and add mouse plagues to the list.

One of my favourite initiatives is the creation of the Farm Army whereby volunteers assist farmers with tasks such as building fences, farm sitting or simply by lending a hand. I ‘de love to participate in this program though I am too much like my father: my  practical and manual skills make me as useful as an ashtray on a motor bike!

Rural Aid are calling out for help in connecting the City to Country communities this Christmas. They are requesting that children make a Christmas card for a farmer, including a personal message, to remind our farmers that we value their contribution.

Here are the Instructions:

To help Rural Aid distribute them as quickly as possible, participants need to follow these steps:

  1. The cards cannot be larger than 120mm x 170mm. You could fold a bigger card down to that size but this is the MAXIMUM size we will be sending on.
  2. Do not put your cards in an individual envelope. Instead, place all of them in a bigger envelope and mail them to Rural Aid at PO Box 1342, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109
  3. Rural Aid will have thousands of envelopes here ready to put your card in and send onto an Aussie farmer.
  4. Please ensure that all cards have a personal message written inside, and are not blank.

All cards must be at Rural Aid’s Brisbane office no later than November 17th, 2021.

So take the screens away from the Little People and set up a craft station : coloured pens, glitter, streamers, whatever it takes. If I had Little People at home I’de be rewarding them with a grazing platter with carrot, celery sticks, cheese, and olives reminding them about where our food comes from. But then my kids would tell you I’m a nag…

Not tomatoes though. I grow tomatoes. My six tomato plants are killing me. Eating them every night for three weeks so far I’m sure there is a kidney stone in the offering.

Pardon the lack of styling. Useless, I told you.

* When we used to travel as a family I was forever pointing out things to the children to keep them amused: changing topography and vegetation, landmarks and historic sites.Geez Louise, did they get the poops or what. Twenty years later, and now sitting in the back seat of the car, all I get is “Mo, do you know who is buried in that cemetery ?” or “look at that Canola field”.

5 thoughts on “Death By Tomato and Rural Aid

  1. Do tomatoes cause kidney stones? You must have planted yours early. It will be a little while before we have tomatoes. I usually make a few bottles of sauce and cook some up and freeze them. How do you go with fruit fly? Last year I had to resort to spraying which I really hate. This year we are trying basil plants as companions. Will still probably have to spray though.


    1. No fruit fly, touch wood, though the King Parrots and White Cockatoos enjoy a chew. Tomatoes are acidic – too many, and if you have a propensity for same – they can promote gout and/or kidney stones. I give away more than we can eat, and don’t mind. What goes around, comes around.This week we’ve enjoyed bruschetta, pizzas, pasta and a middle eastern fattoush salad, all loaded with cherry toms. Look like having to repeat the exercise next week, though the girls at book club will get a bag each too. Enjoy your weekend:)

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  2. Well done with the tomatoes, mine, again, are pathetic. Just a few tomatoes, not ripe yet, and the leaves are all going yellow. I would’ve loved to join the “farmers army” too, but guess I am now just a bit too old to be any use out there. But I applaud the spirit of volunteering.

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