October Books and a Visitor

A great many books meandered through this house during October thanks to two local Rotary fundraisers. The two $2 Mystery Boxes that I purchased for the Little Community Library, each containing no less than twenty books, are stacked in the garage awaiting rotation. Although mostly exLibrary books there are many that have held my attention, including my favourite read for October : Fractured.

Written by now Australian lass and Psychiatrist, Dawn Barker, this debut novel is about a happy family who have just had their first child which results in infanticide. It looks at the differing viewpoints of all family members and is a confronting read. Her second book is about surrogacy and her third addiction and family breakdowns, so Barker is putting all her medical training to good use.

The TBR pile is breeding, along with the tomatoes, with the humid weather.

I’ve just finished the next book club read – The Newcomer by another Aussie lass, Laura Woollett. Based loosely on the real life murder of a Sydney woman on Norfolk Island (infamous as it was the Island’s first ever murder) this was another confronting read because of its ugliness and brutality, which is in total contrast to the island’s spectacular beauty. I didn’t like the book, though it has made me think. That is often said to be the sign of a good story , isn’t it?

N I.

Starting to get organised for a visit from the Little People : the Labrador and Harry Kilom. Anything located two foot or closer to floor level is being relocated to safer territory and I’m having wonderful fun going through my daughters’ old children’s books. Especially Koala Lou by Mem Fox having had a visit from Bruce over the weekend.

Always welcome, Bruce.

11 thoughts on “October Books and a Visitor

    1. The Mystery Boxes are good value in that they make me sample genres I wouldn’t normally touch. Not always successfully however.
      Bruce is well known around the neighbourhood. His location is constantly being monitored and researchers are using Facial Recognition Technology to identify him. Of course that doesn’t stop the Developers and State Government from bulldozing the remaining green spaces 😦

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      1. True. I have a deep seated dislike of real estate developers and State Government legislation. Has anyone in these soulless departments been for a walk lately? In this Time Of Covid, if our suburb did not have parkland and bushwalking areas, most residents agree they would have gone stir crazy. Queensland and our native wildlife face a different version of Covid, more appropriately named Decimation.

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  1. Wonderful to see you plowing through so many books! I’m working on one and it is taking me way too long to finish. It started fast and I’ve hit some dull spots… I always like closure so I’ll finish. Good to know you are going to enjoy a visit. (house proofing is always an eye opener!) We have a groundhog making her home under the neighbor’s deck – she is quiet and seems intent on grazing on the remains of Sparky’s garden (all the beans and tomatoes are long gone) she seems to be particularly fond of the kale! I say let her have at it – at least then I won’t feel compelled to include it in everything!

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