The Week That Was And Old Age

It was Melbourne Cup earlier in the week, Australia’s iconic horse race which literally stops a nation. Melbourne, in lock down for some 280 days due to Covid, opened up for 10,000 questionably fashioned party-goers at the racetrack – as opposed to the usual 100,000 plus- none of whom looked like they were a day over 25 years of age. I didn’t watch the race, didn’t pull a cork out of any bottle, and am unable to name the winning horse.

Is this a sign of old age?

The Beersheba Re-enactment ( for the anniversary of the Charge in 1917) at the Laidley Pioneer Village was interesting and well done, though I was disappointed with the lack of spectators. These dedicated horsemen and women are passionate about both their history and their horses and I would have thought that the event would have attracted scout groups, girl guides, and high school groups as history via a whiteboard and text book never worked for me. Neither did Shakespeare.

Saved a baby crow fresh out of the nest. Spent the morning on the phone to the Wildlife mob as he was wobbly on his feet and the other larger birds were overly interested. Did you know that walking on the ground for a week or two is what baby crows do? It was just unfortunate that this was the same day the first Brown Snake of the season slithered by the back door.

Went to the theatre to see Mamma Mia last night. Wonderful to get caught up in the joy of the music, and….da da…enjoy it maskless. Last live performance was four months ago when masks were compulsory. Do you know how depressing it is not to be able to sing along with a favourite performer? And I mean depressing. I would have been happier listening to a CD and ordering a pizza at home it was so sad.

So energised by the music and dancing – and that was just the audience, not those on stage – that I vowed to open a bottle of bubbles when I made it back home.

Didn’t happen. Too tired.

I’m just getting old, I tell you.

12 thoughts on “The Week That Was And Old Age

  1. The re-enactment sounds like lots more fun than the racetrack… And I loved Mamma Mia! I’ve never seen the live play but enjoyed the movie! Of course Sparky wasn’t a fan but it appeals to me!! Getting older does put a damper on my ability to stay up late but that’s okay…


    1. ABBA were never my kind of music but this production was just magic. It’s been such a long time between drinks for community theatre and their joy in at last performing permeated throughout the audience. The audience consisted of all ages and no one stayed in their seat!! A friend’s son sings baroque. Definately not my thing! His passion and his delight when he sings also translates to the audience. Passion is a powerful tool…

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      1. Mama Mia’s not my favourite either but loved the last call musical society’s rendition last year, so much fun and energy from the cast!

        I didn’t watch the race either, too busy with housework etc.


  2. I loved Mamma Mia. The first time I saw it my boss took us to a night at the movies, at Graceville movie theatre. It was about 11 or 12 years ago. We had hot nibbles before we went into the theatre and at the door on the way into the theatre, we were given bags of lollies and choc top ice creams. Later in the movie, we were given hot popcorn. Since then, I have bought a DVD and watched it a number of times.


  3. Sharon

    I didn’t even know the re-enactment was on 😯a much better choice of horse event than the cup. Corvids are fascinating, did the carers pick up the baby?


    1. The wildlife carer never turned up though they warned that they were busy with fledglings on L Plates. We put water out for him and soggy oats and for four days he would hobble down along the bush for a drink. Then saw him attempting to fly and haven’t seen him, or his hovering mum, since.


  4. Handsome young crow, hope he’s branch hopping now. A nostalgic post for me! Every year at Melbourne Cup time, every office I ever worked in had a sweep and stopped for a big lunch to watch The Race. Occasionally I’d even win something in the sweep. Now I am retired, the Melbourne Cup seems to have vanished. I’m surprised it still exists 🙂 “I have not been brokenhearted nor blue since the day we parted, why, why I know why I let you go…” Could be that older age has refocused my interests.

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    1. Funny you mentioned the connection to retirement. I’ve been reflecting on my retirement coming up to three years and have been remembering all the reasons that led to an early departure, including never having been able to stop for a Melbourne Cup or to celebrate on a Christmas Eve. I look back quite disgusted by the behaviour of management practises and am ever so grateful to be out of that fiasco and to be to follow my chosen pursuits. 🙂

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