Some Anniversaries.

It’s coming up to 3 years since I retired and 4 years since  I downsized to my pocket handkerchief sized home.

Do I miss working? Not on your freakin’ life! I’m busier than ever pursuing my own interests. The Pandemic may have played havoc with retirement travel plans but my appreciation for my own country and its history gained from travel around my home state has more than made up for any disappointments.

Even my weekly evening walking group has me learning about new nature reserves and parklands within a 10 km radius of my home which I never knew existed previously.

Three Paddocks Park and Mangroves

My only issue with retirement is that the cycle of waking up with the chooks continues. I’ve stopped fighting it and now just tend to enjoy the mornings with an early pot of tea and listening to birdsong. Btw, have you met Max?

I had a skip bin over the weekend to help with the decluttering. Four years and I already needed to offload 4 cubic metres of “stuff”. Whatever….

So now I have a Craft Room/ Sewing Room as is expected of retired ladies, except that I neither craft nor sew. Whilst I was in Mary Kondo mode I came across some cute jars that I had been hoarding, possibly one of the kids school projects, I’m thinking.

They are now the vessels for homemade Rosemary and Garlic infused oil which I think will go down nicely poured over fresh baked bread and a glass of dry, crisp white.

Does that count as a Craft?

18 thoughts on “Some Anniversaries.

  1. My retirement is now 6 years old, and like you, I do not miss working at all. Of course, it was not the “work” that was the problem, it was more the ‘getting to work – dealing with assholes who thought they were smart because they were in charge – then getting home thing’ that I do not miss. I could always find a couple of co-workers that I looked forward to seeing each day, it was the other 1,246 rectal cavities that ruined the experience.

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    1. Hearing you, brother. In my case it was the millennials who were open with their negativity about working with anyone older than 35 and the slack work ethic. Like you I also had work colleagues I was pleased to see and every couple of months we still catch up over lunch at someone’s home and chat non stop, providing both support and friendship.
      Enjoy your day ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. My retirement travel plans also have been wrecked by Covid but like you’ve I’ve found some consolation in discovering previously undiscovered gems close to home.

    I worked in (local) government, and do miss the regular contact with a few valued colleagues. What I DON’T miss however is regular contact with elected politicians. I won’t defile your lovely blog by telling you exactly what I think of politicians, other than to say that none of them will ever get an invitation to my birthday party!

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