It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas…

So, to borrow a phrase, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….The days are long and hot, cicadas chirp throughout the evening, and the kookaburras and magpies start their birdsong from 3.30am onwards. Oh, and the grass needs cutting on a weekly basis. It’s exhausting I tell you.

Ronan Keating’s version…..

Refusing to go anywhere near a shopping centre and the humidity is preventing any reading of real worth. This means resorting to DVD’s because I just cannot view anymore tragedy on the telly. Thank goodness for the local Op Shop which also serves coffee and Hummingbird Cake for $8.

This week I found a copy of all time favourite, Valiant, a delightful computer generated epic set during World War 2, and covering the exploits of carrier pigeons. With its references to the White Cliffs of Dover, Andrews Sisters, the Dambuster theme song, and a cute white mouse working with the Resistance called Charles De Girl it goes way over children’s heads.

The movie ends with Valiant and his fellow members from Squad F being awarded the Dickin Medal with a message then displayed commending all the animals that in real life saved thousands of lives during World War II.

Forty five minutes of pure pleasure. Chew on that, Spiderman.

I did venture to the dark side, also known as having crossed the Brisbane River in a northerly direction, to enjoy carols performed by the Brisbane Army Band. Brilliant and a great wake up call to get into the mood.

This weekend a friend has volunteered to play guinea pig as I attempt fellow blogger’s ( Valerie AKA Muriopsis) Sweet Potato Casserole recipe as well as a tropical Coconut and Lychee Granita.

If all else fails I have this to fall back on. $5. Bargain.

12 thoughts on “It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas…

  1. I must look out for Valiant. Who can possibly resist a film the boasts Charles de Girl as one of its characters? I’ve never come across it, but it seems like a bit of welcome escapism in these ghastly Covid-filled days (the new variant, Omicron, is going crazy here right now, new infection records being set every day). I’m also intrigued by Hummingbird Cake…no idea what it is, but I want some!


  2. Jack loves blobbing out in front of westerns and dear old John (a man must do what a man must do!!!) is one of his favourites. Try to enjoy the silly season May all masked up and ready to shop???


    1. There is something comforting about sitting back and watching The Duke. Old school, Pauline……
      Not into shopping at the best of times and spend money locally : haven’t been in a shopping centre for ten years.
      Will watch my favourite xmas movie tonight – Die Hard – and still working on a couple of projects including placemats with Xmas trivia. Ho ho ho.

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  3. I do hope you enjoy the sweet potato casserole! It was so good at Thanksgiving that son#1 is going to make it again for Christmas! (This time served with a nice ham.) Would you be willing to share the recipe for the Coconut and Lychee Granita?? Sparky’s family is all about the coconut!


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