Gaia/ Nature Reading Challenge 2022

Sharon from Gum Trees and Galaxies is hosting an interesting Reading Challenge this year and it is one that appeals on several fronts. It’s not overly taxing and participants may just learn from it, in turn benefiting their life and the lives of their community.

The Gaia/ Nature Reading Challenge promotes reading about nature, the environment and climate.

The challenge will officially start from the 1st of January 2022 and run until the 31st of December 2022. It is optional if you want to pledge to read particular titles. To help your selection of reading material there is a Book Bingo which is open to interpretation. These are the categories :

The wonder of a child
Deep Dive
Get Active
First Nations
It’s A Small World
Into theForest you go.

I’m a firm believer in trying to effect small environmental changes within my own community. Some of the things I have achieved over the past twelve months include sharing vegetable seedlings with neighbours at the Little Community Library ( instructions included), installing a Butterfly House, putting drinking water out for wildlife, liaising with Council about the planting of street trees on verges ( previously knocked down during the Development process) and shopping and buying local. Little ripples, I know.

Don’t believe me?

A strange car pulled up outside my house on Xmas Eve and I was greeted at the front door by a total stranger who handed me a gift bag and wished me a Merry Xmas. Boggled, I opened the parcel and this is what I found :

My first entry for this Challenge will be Dry To Dry : The Seasons Of Kakadu which covers the First Nations and Wonder Of A Child book categories. Yes, sneaky I know…… This is my first book for 2022 which I’ve pinched from the grandson’s Santa sack.

As per the Challenge instructions I will include a quote. If you too would like to participate and believe in the “ripple effect” – where little ripples can turn into big ripples and effect change – please visit Gum Trees and Galaxies.

Happy 2022 Reading all!

10 thoughts on “Gaia/ Nature Reading Challenge 2022

  1. I think that is the only way change will happen – little things done by lots and lots of people on the very basic level – in their homes and community! I’m off to see what this is all about and see if i can incorporate some titles into my reading goals for 2022!

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  2. Sharon

    Thank you May and well done! I am inspired, just been talking to the other half about getting together with a next door neighbour and starting a little free library and garden shed project. Thought we could emulate your project and share books and seeds and maybe excess produce. The one good thing that has come out of the pandemic is that the neighbourhood has become friendlier and I think we all take a little more care for each other. Things do seem to be looking up. Thank you again and enjoy your reading!


    1. Thank you Sharon, and I agree: my neighbourhood too seems more caring and community aware since the Pandemic. I love the Little Library movement as a way of both encouraging literacy and recycling books and am already working on a Valentines Day promotion. Cheers for the New Year!


  3. So glad you’re joining in too May. Sharon does a great job bringing some very interesting books to our attention, and it’s not an onerous challenge as you mentioned. I still have a couple of reviews from books I read last year waiting to be finished and posted, but I’ll be looking forward to reading yours.

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