Diane Lemaire (1923 – 2012) -Aeronautical Engineer

Diane Lemaire has the distinction of being the first woman to graduate with an Engineering Degree from the University of Melbourne utilising her education to become a leading Aeronautical Engineer.

During World War 2 Lemaire was employed in the production of armoured fighting vehicles, followed by a role at Aeronautical Research Laboratories.

She left Australia in the early 1950’s to work in the Royal Aircraft Establishment in the United Kingdom.

In 1962 Lemaire was awarded the Amelia Earhart Fellowship and during that period also completed her Masters in Science from Cornell University, USA. She retired in 1986.

To this day Diane Lemaire is remembered with a scholarship in her name being awarded to a Female PHD student studying Engineering and Information Technology at Melbourne University.

Celebrating the women from our past to the present who have helped shape Australia.

12 thoughts on “Diane Lemaire (1923 – 2012) -Aeronautical Engineer

    1. Sharon, we have some wonderful female engineers – we just don’t hear enough about them. Thankfully, most of these women make wonderful mentors to other young women and are full of encouragement as are our women scientists. A book released within the last three years is Radio Girl by David Dufty, about Australia’s first female electrical engineer, and what an absolute eye opener. What a girl! Wish I had more time and space…….

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    1. Wish I had more time and space, Muri. I have discovered some magnificent scientists : astrophysicists, medical innovators, women working on the Mars Project, and designers. I am enjoying the learning process.

      Story : Early in the beginning of each year an Australian Of The Year is nominated. I took no interest when I was younger as twenty, thirty years ago those nominated were invariably pop stars or sports stars. Boo Hiss. In recent years we are rewarding Burns Specialists, Cancer specialists and Activists. As a country we are “growing up”:)

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