April Update

Retired coming up to three and a half years ago and I still have a need to “achieve”. Small achievements are quite acceptable, but I don’t sleep well if there hasn’t been something successfully completed throughout each day. Mopping floors does not count yet mowing lawns does. Strange, isn’t it?

So where did April go?

Successful completion of #A-ZChallenge. Look out for Errol Flynn Trivia in 2023.

Attended a Soap Making Workshop. Attempted to repeat my efforts at home and nearly blew the house up. (Does that count ?)

Attended theatrical performance, a cabaret about Depression which was littered with humour.

Completed Harry’s Book Cart though after a few heated discussions it evolved from a bus to a fire engine. I just need to paint ladders on the sides.

Successfully mastered scones. Only took 45 years. Rosemary, Pecan Nut and Parmesan Cheese – to die for…….

Attended a concert : Troy Cassar-Daly and Ian Moss. Loved the former, the latter thinks he’s Brian May. Still, soaking up live music was wonderful, especially without a mask.

Mastered Egg Plant Lasagne. Still picking 6 or 7 aubergines a week so all new recipes are welcome.

Finished 2 books for the Gaia Reading Challenge, 2 for the Books That Made Us List, and 3 for Book Club. Reviews to come.

Planted pumpkins and tomatoes in vege garden. Bonus points because they are ALL still alive.

Painted patio and fence without any paint splatter on brickwork. Now that deserves a Gold Star!🌟

Most importantly, enjoyed my pots of tea watching those around me go to work. Boy, do I love retirement……

23 thoughts on “April Update

  1. Ha! The need to achieve! I hear you! April here was so cold and wet and miserable that Sparky didn’t get anything done in the garden. Traditionally Mother’s Day is the day to plant his tomatoes and greens… You sound like you are having fun – there is a Garth Brooks concert this weekend but we will be busy with the garage sale. Some of my former coworkers have tickets so I know they will report on FB and I’ll enjoy vicariously.

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  2. What a busy month you’ve had. I too enjoy retirement (now the Covid restrictions have been eased!), though I’m clearly a lot less active than you. Even so, the time seems to fly by very quickly, which is a bit scary.

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  3. “Attended a Soap Making Workshop. Attempted to repeat my efforts at home and nearly blew the house up. (Does that count ?)”

    Yes! That totally counts!

    Also, I am in awe at your accomplishments.

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    1. I started the new year with a view of learning three new things each day to keep the brain functioning and to retain some sense of staying young. Unfortunately, I only seem to retain one new thing each day, but boy it is fun trying something new. Local theatre tonight – great stuff!


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