A Tea A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Martha Beck, American author of multiple Self Help Books recently said  “Almost all my middle-aged and elderly acquaintances, including me, feel about 25 — unless we haven’t had our coffee, in which case we feel 107.”  

How true is this!

In my case insert tea. I do like the occasional good coffee with friends but to start the day on the right foot I need tea. A pot of tea. Hot, brewed, and in bed.

Indeed, one of my greatest pleasures since having retired is to sit up in bed drinking my Twinnings Breakfast Tea watching all the cars drive past taking the workers on their merry way to spend their day putting their nose to the grindstone. It is a joy to be a spectator and not a participant after thirty years in the workforce.

As a Senior my days are filled with varied interests, projects and people. The constant intake of beverages at Book Club, after attending a theatrical or musical performance and catching up with friends keeps me on the go and focused.  “Will you have a cuppa?” seems to be the current anthem of my generation.

Is tea an addiction? Certainly. Right up there with Errol Flynn, good books and dark, bitter chocolate. Add garlic prawns to that list too.

Beverage protocols do exist : tea for breakfast, coffee with cake, and tea with jam, cream and scones.  It’s that initial caffeine hit though, the one as the sun rises, that shapes my day. No heart starter equals no joy.

The evening beverage protocol is Secret Seniors Business. At my age I earned it.

26 thoughts on “A Tea A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

  1. I have to say I still enjoy my coffee. I went to the new health club this morning trying to get back in shape and afterwards there was a small student run stand with fresh coffee. I thought, “That is great!” Coffee is a great pick me up but I do like homemade ice tea, Southern style which my husband makes, the bomb! My body is aching as is Michael with his hours in the garden but we are still kicking!

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    1. Winter here and bleak. We normally enjoy delightful winters ( short sleeves weather) but lots of snow on the southern alps making it unpleasant here and of course we have tiled floors, no heating and what is an overcoat? So guzzling tea……..Garden is still sodden from the floods.
      Enjoy your hols🥂

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      1. There are some scenic rail trips and I have many friends who swear by a long haul rail trip as the ultimate relaxation. Personally, I like my own bathroom and a comfy bed and am quite happy to pay for that experience. My first class sleeper experience left me never needing to
        do it again. Great food, poor facilities with little comfort.


  2. Sparky has become a tea aficionado. We have so many types of tea it isn’t funny. My canister set has a Tea and Coffee along with Sugar and Flour – both the tea and coffee canisters are packed with tea. My pantry has a whole shelf with just tea and the basement storage has a crate filled with tea!! His current infatuation is tea infused with turmeric. And his comment at lunch was (I’m not kidding), “I need to get some more decaf tea.” I just shake my head. My father was a tea drinker but I don’t think he was quite as picky as Sparky has become!

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  3. I’m not so much a tea person. Only if I’m sick, then its peppermint to settle my stomach. I do love a good cup of coffee in the morning though. Usually just half a mug full. Sometimes though, like today, I need a little extra pick me up at noon abd will grab another cup haha

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  4. As I sit waiting for my very late Airtasker to arrive (or even just message me would be great- thanks), my nerves are being soothed with a cup of Earl Grey. I start the day with English Breakfast, drink Earl Grey through the day and finish with a dainty cup of Lady Grey which I find calming before bed. Not a coffee drinker, but I do drink cola on long drives to keep me awake.

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