Positive Outcomes : June

With blue skies returning throughout June I was finally able to extricate myself from the couch. So far it’s been Queensland’s coldest winter in over a hundred years which means I’ve been pushing forward if only to keep warm.

It’s been a productive month, including having bags packed for my travels north to warmer climes where crocs, leeches and Irukandji jellyfish are the norm.

Harry’s Book Cart is ready for delivery, though not convinced it wont turn into a carrier for his baru collection.(Indigenous for crocodiles).

I’ve been busy cooking marmalade from fruit that friends tend to let fall from the tree to rot. Never made it before, only ever eat it on scones, but have jars going everywhere: Tangelo and Lemon, Ginger and Lime, and Grapefruit. Orange and Whiskey next on the agenda.

Lots of small achievements and interesting outings which made June a beaut month. Even washed the windows and disinfected all kitchen cupboards. Is it sad that this provided joy?

Completing projects makes me feel useful. I need to feel useful. The Little Community Library had a Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover promotion and fellow Blogger, Gretchen from Thoughts Become Words, last year threw suggestions out into the Blogosphere about swapping books in aid of the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. On to it : more news next time.

However, have now hit the wall and need to head north for some R & R.

Happy Trails to all…….

18 thoughts on “Positive Outcomes : June

  1. Safe and enjoyable travels to you!! My mother liked to make candied orange peel – I helped on occasion and it was so good! As for the marmalade, you are an inspiration! I think I might need to attempt some. Would you be willing to share a recipe of one you think is the best??

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  2. Canning is a skill set I wish I had. Oh, and it would take WAY more than a sunny day to pry me from a comfortable couch, because 90+ degrees is hot on a sunny day, and is hot on a cloudy day.


    1. Good fruit rotting on the ground distresses me no end. The waste I see around me has driven me to learn this new skill. Blame the Depression parents! I’ve even sent some jars up to the local Charity Store who give away loaves of bread and fresh cakes once a week. So cold here atm the vege patch is in shock😩

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  3. Been away and now playing catch-up with the bloggers I follow. So my apologies, May, for this tardy ‘thank you’ mentioning me and Indigenous Literacy. Yep, such a cold cold winter this year. However, we have a bumper crop of mandarins and coffee beans. One neighbour is interested in roasting his own beans and his daughter loves the mandarins straight off the tree. Love your marmalade brewing, bet the aroma was heady! And taste?

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