Books Across September

Because of my recent travels and oranges falling in price to $1.60 for a 3 Kilo bag I’ve been occupied by tourism pamphlets and marmalade recipes. My attempt at the latter is another Epic Fail though the peel is currently brewing to create an organic house cleaning product. Fingers crossed that effort is more successful. I’m also relying on Dr Google to navigate me through a couple of craft projects which is totally bizarre as I don’t craft. I’ll share if my Lazy Susan’s and table placemats make acceptable Christmas gifts….

(Pop Quiz 1: Is all this cooking and crafting a sign that I’m sliding into old age?)

September 7th marked Indigenous Literacy Day, at which time the Indigenous Literacy Foundation promotes literacy to improve the lives and possibilities of Indigenous Australians.

So I’ve also read two books from The Books That Made Us Challenge ( as in made us as a country) that featured on the ABC last year. Both deal with the white occupation of Australia and are cruel but fascinating reads.

Benevolence by Julie Jansen follows the life of young aboriginal girl, Mary, who was gifted to the white community by her father in exchange for a bag of flour. The Secret River by Kate Grenville is the story of an Englishman who came to Australia as a convict in the country’s early days but works his way up to being a wealthy land owner which just happens to necessitate the decimation of the local Aboriginal communities.

I’ve started on the third indigenous themed book in the Challenge – Carpentaria by Alexis Wright – but I’m a bit done in by history and tragedy at the moment.

So just for fun I’m working my way through The Island Of Missing Trees by Elif Shafak
which is narrated by a fig tree. Yep, a fig tree. Thought some whimsy would do me well after all the bleak history but the mind is too occupied by craft glue and varnish.

The Little Library is going gangbusters and the assistance from other community members is making the whole caretaking process less onerous. I’m working on creating Book Marks for Christmas for the kiddies to colour and have just added this Book Bingo to create more engagement. I’m not fond of cricket. Can you tell?

(Pop Quiz 2 : Is this ease in handing over the reigns yet another indication of my slow slide into decline?)

The Zoom Book Club fell into a heap after Life returned to the New Normal after Covid, but we are getting back on track next week. I’ll make a cheese platter in preparation.

(Pop Quiz 3: A glass of red or a glass of white? Or two?)

At the other Book Club readers were asked to bring in the oldest book on their bookshelves. Talk about fascinating : all kinds of books made their presence, including guides to shorthand, Mickey Mouse annuals, and one lass ( in white gloves doing her Michael Jackson impersonation) brought in her book published in 1703. A great little exercise. Highly recommended.

A Bookfest this weekend, a tea towell exhibition, and a couple of new projects on the go. Don’t worry; it’s not ageing. Just doing the Gemini thing and ready for change…

Happy Weekend folks.

12 thoughts on “Books Across September

  1. I loved this newsy post! No you are not heading into old age! I can sympathize with the marmalade problems as that is not an easy jam/preserves to make. Orange oil is supposed to be very good on wood but less good on varnished surfaces… Fascinating book club doings – bet those old books were interesting. What book did you share? Having help keeping the little library stocked and organized is perfect since the saying ‘many hands make light the work’ is true!

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  2. Good luck with your projects! The oldest book project is a great idea! And I have to say your printing is very neat and artistic. And as far as sliding into old age – you are only as old as you feel. If you are excited about something, that will keep you young. Even if it is cooking and crafting.

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  3. Sharon

    Love the book bingo as alternative to cricket. I am also currently reading the Island of missing trees, enjoying it so far just a bit slow at reading need to work on my procrastireading.

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    1. My reading is on the sluggish side too:( I’m enjoying Missing Trees though an issue has become a little cloudy to me : Kostas was 17 when he left for London and she was a year older. So when he returns to Cyprus ” more than 25 years later” he is 42 and she is 43. Add at least 9 months and Ada is born when Mum is 44? I’ll have to keep reading. I know it happens but I’m uncomfortable with it. Will see what happens…..


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