Book Spines & Coffee Table Books

I don’t know whether it’s a result of my parenting skills (or  lack thereof ) but I was recently concerned by the discovery that my eldest daughter colour codes the books on her bookshelves. Even the Little Person’s books are arranged according to the colour of their spine.

I’ve read about this trend in Interior Design magazines of course though I didn’t think it was something that normal people did. Normal as in the majority of us who don’t live in a home with a 6 car garage and with a dedicated wine fridge that chills 1000 bottles simultaneously.

I guess it is another version of stacking glossy unopened coffee table books in pyramids or arranging their spines according to height. That is, books being used as a design object. Strangely my coffee tables have always been used for – da da – coffee cups. Never had a book out purely for display purposes in my life. Don’t even remember ever owning a coffee table book.

Have you? Don’t be embarrassed  – please share. Dr Brizzy is researching these phenomenas.

In other news my struggles to cook desserts in any shape or form are real. Two batches of chocolate brownies went into the compost bin yesterday. What coloured spine does the recipe book have?

14 thoughts on “Book Spines & Coffee Table Books

  1. I don’t think you need to worry a bit. I see some stacks with more than one color in the stack, so I think she is quite normal. The wonderful thing is her love of books for both her and the little one is very apparent! I’ve owned one “coffee table” book. Years ago, I did place it on our coffee table. One – because I loved browsing the pretty pictures. And two – so others could see it and perhaps it would lead to conversation about Frank Lloyd Wright designed homes. I still have the book, but the coffee table is long gone. Too bad about the brownies.


  2. Leah :O)

    *Gasp* Well, at least she didn’t do the rainbow bookshelf lol! I had a coffee table book once. But only cos it was an Aussie bitser photo book & it was seriously reduced in price. It wasn’t ever on my coffee table, I just loved the dog pictures rofl!!! :O)

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    1. The rainbow bookshelf is an image I now cannot unsee. Thanks for that. I think I picked up a second hand book about Italy by Maggie Tabberer or her daughter Amanda at one stage, though it wasn’t on the coffee table for long as one of the kids was doing a school project at the time.I ended up treating myself to a month in Italy instead – much better value:)


      1. Leah :O)

        I reckon! And your welcome for the rainbow shelf image lol! I tried that out during the pandemic. It’s a PIA when you run out of room & don’t even get me started on breaking up book series! :O)

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  3. Sharon

    I have books that could be described as coffee table books but they tend to live on the selves with all the others. I have been known to leave beautiful children’s books lying around on coffee tables just because I have wanted to share their beauty and cleverness but not really cause I had a need to use them as part of the décor. I tend to roughly organize by topic and then author, I have wondered how you find a particular title if you organize by colour?


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