Christmas Dinosaurs

I clocked off a few weeks before Christmas in order to get organised to play Hostess With The Mostess. As always with the best laid plans, and not having suffered a single day of illness since the Covid onslaught, I fell as “crook as Rookwood” only days before the arrival of guests. Having had 36 years experience of motherhood I soldiered on – as we girls tend to do – though my voice was more Johnny Cash than Johnny Cash.

Lots of dinosaurs this Festive season with the two year old obsessed. Dinosaur Hunts in the back garden, dinosaur charades, dinosaurs at the Hologram Zoo, and we rewatched Jurassic Park movies, 1, 2 and 3.

From Hologram Zoo Facebook

With 2023 we’ll attempt to shift the little bloke’s interests to bugs, especially now that I have him walking everywhere with a plastic bucket so he can bring home the sticks and leaves and other paraphernalia he finds on his travels. It’s called Meemaw’s Revenge.

The house is much quieter and cleaner now that they’ve departed, but I fear I wont see the beautiful grandfurbaby again who seems to be suffering from early onset senility.

One house guest remains who is assisting with the demolition of the ham. We’ve been catching up on her cultural shortfalls and watched Rambo First Blood last night – which she loved! Tonight I might instigate some at home kareoke still feeling quite able to replicate Ring Of Fire.

With my guest departing tomorrow I’ll be pulling down the blinds for a few days and just quietly dying. Or perhaps just catching up on some reading. This week I found Nicholas Sparks “too heavy” to take in.

See you in the New YearπŸ₯‚

PS. “Crook as Rookwood” is an old Sydney saying, Rookwood being the local cemetery.

14 thoughts on “Christmas Dinosaurs

  1. Leah :O)

    Oh that’s why I hadn’t heard that saying lol! I love Rambo too, especially since I found out it was based around the Vietnam War. I haven’t read the book though. Keep a look out for it in the op shops but I think it’s going to be one of those super lucky finds. Hope you feel better soon :O)

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