Little Ripples Project Month 1

Late last year I touched upon the importance of little ripples in my life and how they can effect positive change. See 

In an eggshell these  ripples refer to activities that any one of us can effect, individually or collectively, without utilising much effort but which are all deeds that are designed to benefit others, and in the long run, the world in which we live.

Thus, one of my new projects for this year is to once a month share information about an organisation that promotes connection, interconnectedness and other touchy feely stuff.

The 12 Stamps Project

“The premise for this activity is simple : buy twelve stamps and  commit to sending twelve notes this year.  Send a note to thank someone who helped you out, whether yesterday or in your childhood. Let them know what their support meant to you. Imagine your words of comfort to someone who is navigating change, or feels a little isolated, or lonely, or stressed with job-hunting.  Share a joke, a quirky observation or  a passionate opinion.”

How many Christmas cards did you post this year? How many included a personal letter? I only sent four, down from about twenty ten years ago. I know it is a busy time of year, and email and Whats Up are a quick and easy method of keeping in touch, but you must agree that they lack the personal touch.

Twelve letters or cards is easy. I’ve shared previously that because my only Little Person is a 1,000 kms away I regularly send postcards in the mail. Even though Harry can’t read it keeps us connected and he loves checking the letterbox.

Indeed, my daughter sent out an S.O.S earlier this week in the throes of toddler toilet training. “Mo, we can’t keep up with washing with the constant rain”. Meemaw and Australia Post to the rescue with a supply of colourful new underpants to help supply issues. And for Harry, my short story about “The Dancing Underpants”.

For more information about this project go here:

Letters Of Hope

“Letters of Hope was founded in 2018, and aims to spread kindness, raise awareness and break the stigma around mental health through sending handwritten letters to those who are going through a tough time. Through sending these letters, Letters of Hope shares helpful coping strategies, words of empowerment and connects those who are struggling with the support that could turn things around.”

Although volunteer letter writers do not personally connect with letter recipients this is still a simple task to assist those who need a little assistance. The letters by volunteers are forwarded by the organisation to recipients in which they also include a card including information about maintaining mental health.

See here:

I know first hand that receiving a letter in the post sure beats walking out to the letterbox to find the Council Rates or an Electricity Account. What about you?

12 thoughts on “Little Ripples Project Month 1

  1. Love the 12 Stamps project. Our mail boxes used to be full of real letters. Now we are lucky to get one a week, and its usually just a bill. People don’t even send birthday cards anymore. I am going to try this one – perhaps I might even do more than 12!

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  2. Sharon

    Wonderful idea I miss the days of letters not just bills in the mail box. Love that photo such serious pondering of the post card. 😊


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