February Books

I was going to list all the books that I read throughout February but thought “who gives a rats?” So I will share a book update instead.

The Little Community Library has been in existence now for four years, coinciding with my retirement, and is self managing other than a weekly visit for a quick tidy up. It is well supported by locals although the demand for children’s books continues to outstrip supply.

Some of the books that have been through the Little Library over the past few months are tagging along on a short road trip we are taking to the Western Downs area of Queensland where they will join some of their country cousin Little Libraries along the way. A local Charity Store also provides books to recycle across Little Libraries as does a national service organisation. It is amazing how a handful of fresh titles can add to a Free Library in a rural setting that has been doing it tough given recent floods, bushfires, and kennel cough. Lookout south coast of New South Wales : a delivery is coming your way too.

I picked up some cheap reading material at a car boot sale last week : $2.50. Bargain!

Although this was a stupid move when you consider the pile of books by my bed that I haven’t as yet touched.

A member of our Book Club recently recommended “The Underground Railway” by Colson Whitehead which I saw this week made the New York Times’ 25 Best Historical Fiction Books of All Time List. As a newcomer to our reading circle as well as to our shores it is interesting that this lass is introducing us to a wider circle of books. Indeed, this one is a five star read.

Another recommendation by a group committed to expanding the practise of letter writing which I recently joined is “The Little French Bookshop” by Cecile Pivot. This is a nice little book – yes, I have been lectured about the use of nice – about a woman who runs a french bookshop who instigates a letter writing workshop.

Life Lesson :

Books can have more than one life. Share, Give, Recycle.

We don’t need a list of rights and wrongs, tables of dos and don’ts: We need books, time, and silence. Thou shalt not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a time lasts forever.” – Philip Pullman

17 thoughts on “February Books

  1. I love these Free Little Libraries. We get books from our library’s annual book fair as well as resale shops. Some I donate back and others I keep to put in Free Little Libraries. We’ll be camping soon; campgrounds often have these book exchanges. So, thanks for the reminder to bring along some books to put in. The last book I put in a Free Little Library was “Secret Daughter” by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. An excellent book! Happy Reading!

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  2. The little library across from our house has been cycling through loads of books recently – I think there were a bunch of books that were gifted at Christmas that having been read were placed there. It is also at the school bus stop so the kids waiting for the bus take advantage of swapping out books – there are more and more YA books. But you are right – the children’s books are most in demand!


    1. Lovely to hear that the school kids are swapping books, Muri 🙂 I can’t keep up with the demand for kiddies books especially since Covid. Before Xmas a local child care centre had a clean out so 70 odd books were donated which I’ve been doling out slowly. I’m pleased for the Little People to retain the books if they are using them, particularly during these difficult times, though I’m not rushing out to restock. My own Little Person is expensive to run! Lol.


  3. dianapenson

    We’ll be distributing some to street libraries along the route to Bega. In the meantime, I thoroughly recommend the novel I’m currently reading, ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ by Bonnie Garmus, especially in the lead up to National Women’s Day.

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    1. Refreshing stock at Little Libraries is a much better option than simply dumping and trashing books. If this extends their life and provides some pleasure the effort is worthwhile. The Street Library Map does not show many sites west of Toowoomba but I will check with the Tourist Information Centres. Safe travels:) Lessons In Chemistry has been added to TBR List. Thanks, I think.


  4. I read on Kindle-Kindle Unlimited and Prime. I am reading an Aussie author. It is very interesting. I can’t think of the author’s name but it good escapism (the story of a little girl who disappears) and the detective who follows the cold case years later. It take place in the outback.

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  5. I love it!😁❤️ One of my passions is antique books. In grad school, I worked in the rare document section of my school library. They didn’t announce it often because it was a climate controlled, bank vault worth over several million dollars. I think I still remember the door code to get in🤔😂💙


      1. 😂😂😂 I cannot remember last week, but something s jump out like it was yesterday!🙄😂 My Mom has a memory like rain man, I swear! We use to call her the human phone book. Before any cell phones, if Mom had called the number, she had it in her brain.😂💙


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