In A Nutshell:

Gemini, makes me communicative and with the attention span of a gnat. Need lots of diversions to keep me interested so fingers in many pots: Jack of all trades, master of none.

Enjoy dark chocolate and wine far too much and don’t care as a long time dead. Life is best when surrounded by books and (old) movies.

Collect Errol Flynn memorabilia, possums, and books about Bomber Command and POW Diaries. Another 700 books to read from the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die List.

I am the Custodian of a Little Library, grower of flowering shrubs to encourage bees, Manager of a Butterfly House, and chief supporter of local wildlife. Except snakes.

Two daughters: Pocahontas and Cat Balou. Both tall, independent and headstrong. Surprise! A son-in-law called Boofhead and Bentley, the  Grandfurbaby.


In process of downsizing, slowing down, amalgamating. Well, the slowing down isn’t happening……

Oh, and yeah, happy- no, delighted- about not having any Grey Hair.