Christmas Dinosaurs

I clocked off a few weeks before Christmas in order to get organised to play Hostess With The Mostess. As always with the best laid plans, and not having suffered a single day of illness since the Covid onslaught, I fell as “crook as Rookwood” only days before the arrival of guests. Having had 36 years experience of motherhood I soldiered on – as we girls tend to do – though my voice was more Johnny Cash than Johnny Cash.

Lots of dinosaurs this Festive season with the two year old obsessed. Dinosaur Hunts in the back garden, dinosaur charades, dinosaurs at the Hologram Zoo, and we rewatched Jurassic Park movies, 1, 2 and 3.

From Hologram Zoo Facebook

With 2023 we’ll attempt to shift the little bloke’s interests to bugs, especially now that I have him walking everywhere with a plastic bucket so he can bring home the sticks and leaves and other paraphernalia he finds on his travels. It’s called Meemaw’s Revenge.

The house is much quieter and cleaner now that they’ve departed, but I fear I wont see the beautiful grandfurbaby again who seems to be suffering from early onset senility.

One house guest remains who is assisting with the demolition of the ham. We’ve been catching up on her cultural shortfalls and watched Rambo First Blood last night – which she loved! Tonight I might instigate some at home kareoke still feeling quite able to replicate Ring Of Fire.

With my guest departing tomorrow I’ll be pulling down the blinds for a few days and just quietly dying. Or perhaps just catching up on some reading. This week I found Nicholas Sparks “too heavy” to take in.

See you in the New Year🥂

PS. “Crook as Rookwood” is an old Sydney saying, Rookwood being the local cemetery.


Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects.” – Dalai Lama

In a recent post I shared how a girlfriend, along with many other volunteers, helped our wildlife after the 2020 bushfires by knitting and sewing temporary homes for our creatures until the shrubs and trees regrew to a state that enabled them to provide adequate shelter and food. See Tippy and Jellybean.

I failed Home Economics at High School and the antique Singer sewing machine, in fine working order, that was gifted to me by my mother was put to use as a garden ornament, though I did finance a couple of balls of bamboo wool for the cause.

Yesterday, I purchased a Date and Walnut Roll from a street corner stall run by volunteers from the local Cancer Council. Staffed by no-one under the age of 75 years (a conservative estimate) the cake cook admitted that she was “tired” having cooked some 300 cakes throughout the year to raise funds for Cancer patients with hands-on assistance programs. They also sew children’s clothing; another Christmas present for the Little Person. Yay!

A craft minded girlfriend sent information this week about a group she recently joined called Capes4Kids that sew super hero capes for kiddies undergoing major treatment in hospital. Yet another in downsizing mode gave me a bag of material which I passed on to a local group of retired women who sew new pyjamas for kiddies being removed from their homes for safety reasons by Community Services.

Lismore, in the Northern Rivers district of New South Wales, gained international media attention earlier this year after it literally drowned under flood waters. A few months later  Lismore went under again and to this day there remains much speculation as to whether to rebuild or not. It remains a regional city fighting for its survival with many residents left with nothing. Whilst Governments organise financial assistance packages another friend with a creative bent shares that she joined a movement, Hearts For Lismore,  to remind Lismore residents that Australians across the nation had their backs by sending ” hearts of love and hope”. Many residences have painted hearts, fabric hearts, or even mosaic hearts courtesy of my friend, displayed proudly on what is left of their properties.

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” – Mother Teresa

With the Christmas Season hot on our heels I will be busy preparing meals to feed an army as well as reflecting on the little ripples that made up this year and pondering what mischief I can get myself into during the coming year. I wish you all a peaceful and safe holiday period, full of laughter and good books, and hope we all throw a pebble or two into the waters in 2023.

Love this! Sand bags put to good use after the recent floods on the Victorian border.

Traditions : New & Old

When I was a child the dinner table was the source of good food for nourishment of the body as well as the venue to share the days events, whether they be local, national, or international, as nourishment for the mind. That hasn’t changed any with a number of visitors sharing my table over the past few weeks to celebrate and commiserate the last 12 months. We’ve been able to solve the problems of the world over Turkey Pies, play Trivia over Ham Croissants and to solve each and every crisis in the world over Sweet Potato Casserole ( courtesy of blogger Murisopsis).

No Christmas seafood this year as the thought of queuing for three hours in the middle of a Pandemic held no appeal. Cross that Christmas tradition off the List.

We were sharing our earliest memories of Christmas one night and my brain went back fifty years to making White Christmas with a cousin on Christmas Eve. Never ate the stuff myself – far too sugary – but the memories of mixing, taste testing, and family are vivid. It was a tradition throughout childhood.

With the arrival of the first grandchild the mother was interested in instigating such a tradition for little Harry Kilom for next December when he is more human and less  “pooh-and-spew.” A tradition is “a belief or behavior passed down within a group or society with symbolic meaning or special significance with origins in the past.”

The child’s aunt, Cat Balou, last year instigated a calendar featuring said child with a new meme for every month which was distributed amongst the family.

It seems we have a new family tradition with the creation of another calendar with a monthly meme for the coming year.

Here’s to Family, Fun and Tradition, both new and old, for the New Year. Blogging Family included.


How To Make Gravy & Granita For Xmas

It’s December 21st which means that it is time “to make gravy”.

It is also time to watch the best ever Christmas movie ever : Die Hard. I ‘m going to order this decoration for next years Xmas tree.

The house is spic and span and has been totally rearranged to avoid any accidents and collisions. Smashed wine glasses on a toddlers head conjures up such awful visions. Likewise I don’t fancy a trip to the vets so the garden too has been organised so that the grandfurbaby is unable to munch on chillis.

I will however be making a canine version of a croquembouque using meat balls and peanut butter to occupy the pup and I also have an oversupply of palm fronds for him to chew. The only issue is that he likes to play with the possums during the night which means I’ll be getting up three or four times a night with him. It’s harder than having a newborn in the house.

Meet Paulini and her joey

It remains wickedly hot here. Argghhhh, the memories of Christmas’ Past when the paper hats from the bonbons disintegrated on your head through perspiration…….

Not a sweets cook, never have been, so the Lychee and Coconut Granita sorely tested my skillset. I served with mint leaves, though my guests suggested berries or passionfruit as an accompaniment.

Blend together : 1 x tin of lychees including juice
1 x tin of coconut milk.
Pour into a metal tray and freeze.

( Tip: I froze over night. Do not serve immediately to anyone with dental issues. 3 hours in the freezer is probably sufficient. )

Dessert complimented my Xmas Placemats beautifully.

Merry Christmas and remember…..

Christmas Flick Faves

Winding down with less commitments and a party atmosphere means it’s time to turn to movies with a Christmas theme to see us through those hot summer nights – just as soon as this cyclonic rainfall ceases of course.

Here are my faves :

Die Hard (1988) which requires no explanation.

We’re No Angels (1955)

A fun flick starring Humphrey Bogart, Aldo Ray and Peter Ustinov ( who makes me feel uncomfortable when he’s not wearing a toga). This hapless trio of prison escapees intend to start a new life with funds stolen from an unlikely business man and his family. Instead, the lads end up cooking Christmas dinner and saving the family from ruination with the aid of a pet snake.

Never Say Goodbye (1946)

Errol Flynn, Eleanor Parker and Forrest Tucker contribute to the fun and mayhem of this movie. Critics mauled it of course, though it’s light and shows Errol at his comedic best. Just love the Bogart spoof ! Errol and Eleanor are splitsville though Tucker arriving on the scene as a thick as a brick marine eventually reunites them.

Expecting to be told that I don’t watch any current movies. Dead Wrong. I clearly remember going to see The Muppet Christmas Carol.

My house is full for the duration so I will away to clean it in preparation. Enjoy your holiday season, whatever these strange times may bring, and hold tight those for whom you care. Remember, if the Doctor has advised you to include more fruit and vegetables in your diet Lychees and/or Mango in your champagne is acceptable. Salute!

Finding Joy

Christmas in Australia falls in summer meaning that it is generally uncomfortably hot. Beach picnics, salads and seafood tend to be the order of the day. One year Christmas was so hot that the paper hats from the middle of the bon bons disintegrated from the perspiration from our heads over lunch. This year looks like being another stinker.

In a year short in the Joy Department a drive around the local streets this evening indicated that many neighbours have gone to more than the usual effort with their Christmas decorations. It was cheerful and fun especially for this big kid.

One neighbour has gone to an amazing amount of work having created a Teddy Town Hunt on his front lawn amongst the sparkling Xmas lights and a 6ft tall Santa that waves.

For a gold coin donation that goes to the Queensland Country Women’s Drought Fund you are given a pencil and a list of celebrity characters to identify as you walk around enjoying the display, essentially hunting down the toys on your list, from the thousands exhibited.

There are stuffed toys dating back to the 1930’s as well as from recent movies and TV shows, such as Bluey. Buzz Lightyear, Wonder Woman, Bananas in Pyjamas, Peter Rabbit and Peppa Pig were only some of the toys represented. Every item on display has a story and Beryl and Rod are only too pleased to share them with you.

Many family groups were enjoying reminiscing about the characters from their childhoods and younger folk were having great fun locating Gru from Despicable Me and Shi Fu from Kung Fu Panda.

I admit to feeling a bit nostalgic when I saw Jemima Puddleduck and Little Ragged Blossom from my own childhood and look forward to returning with my daughter and young Harry Kilometres in coming days.

I can’t tell you how good it was to at last find the Joy.

Bub’s Books For Xmas

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” — Albert Einstein

My daughter, Pocohontas, has already read six week old Harry Kilometres this years Booker Prize Winner. So of course I have been having great fun at local bookstores finding more appropriate literature for the child for Christmas.

This is Harry’s major Christmas parcel from his Meemaw:

I’m a firm believer that you cannot begin your Classic Movie education too early.

Aunt Cat Balou is gifting a copy of the movie Calamity Jane and a book about Audrey Hepburn. (Have I done well with my kids, or what!)

“You don’t have enough money to be considered eccentric. You’re just weird.” – my friend, Bernadette Mercer.

This one’s going into the babe’s Christmas stocking :

Harry’s Dad, a military boyo, has also been reading to young Harry : books on international conflict and aviation strategy.

And they think I’m weird…………..


Discovered a great website which encourages young girls to follow their interest in STEM subjects – science, technology, engineering and maths. Go to

For fairy tales starring clever and courageous girls, you can find over 180 girl-empowering books of fairy tales in A Mighty Girl’s “Fairy Tale Collection” at

If you’re looking for princess stories that break the ‘damsel in distress’ mold, A Mighty Girl’s “Ultimate Guide to the Independent Princess” collection features 100 books starring princesses who are smart, daring, and aren’t waiting around to be rescued at

I’ll share these purchases soon with no guilt. Helping both the economy and the sisterhood.

Bushfires and Birthdays

Lugarno, 1963

My daughter has an awkward birthday in a few days. Each year she admonishes me because she has never had a dedicated birthday party. I retaliate with a reminder about the Christmas I was unable to drink anything cold and bubbly and suffered much discomfort.

Instead of a gift each birthday my daughter enjoyed an “experience” each year with a gold charm for a bracelet as a reminder of her special day. Boat trips up the river, trips to the theatre or to the aquarium: her charm bracelet, a gift for her 18th, is a beautiful piece of jewellery and memorabilia.

I’m reminded of this watching the bushfire news on the television. Cudlee Creek in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia has been ravaged by flames.

Pocohontas celebrated her sixth birthday at Cudlee Creek Wildlife Park. She remembers vividly that an emu stole her picnic lunch and she’s suffered ornithophobia ever since.

The fires remain out of control across several states.

I haven’t sent Xmas cards this year, and I haven’t written any letters, which as the product of parents who stored much importance in penmanship hurts. It doesn’t seem appropriate to send fun news to family and friends caught up in the fires.

A girlfriend doesn’t look like getting home to her loved ones for Christmas. Another had flames in her suburb yesterday where two homes were lost. A cousin in the Blue Mountains remains vigilant. It doesn’t feel like Christmas. It is smokey, hot and the mood is sombre.

And then this. Totally uplifting. These guys were rescued from the Cudlee Creek blaze by members of our Rural Fire Service. Makes the heart sing.

Figures obtained by AAP revealed police had dealt with 98 people – 31 adults and 67 juveniles – for deliberately setting fires in Queensland alone.

Don’t give me “mental health” or “broken home” BS. This is simply criminal.

See you in a few days my beautiful girl. There is a bottle on ice with your name on it.

Here’s to a better days for all…..

Sure Beats Vegemite

My youngest daughter will be playing tourist in Agra over Christmas. Loving her work stint in India she is making sure she clocks up as many experiences as possible.

Cat Balou is loving sampling the Indian foods and spices and I guess being a vegetarian (for medical reasons) helps. She is off to a Celebration of Rice this weekend which should be fascinating.

She disappeared to Sri Lanka for a break recently so my (early) Xmas gift to her was a cooking class whilst in Colombo. Both my daughters undertake cooking classes when travelling through other countries – somewhat surprising given that for many years as University students a Vegemite sandwich was the extent of their culinary expertise.

When they flew the nest to pursue their careers in different parts of the country cooking a seafood paella together on their return home became a family tradition. Well, Cat Balou and I cook paella – Pocahontas was in charge of the sangria

In Australia, there’s this practise of judging a pub meal by the standard of its chicken schnitzel, affectionately known as a schnitty. It just is. When my daughters and I travel outside the country we judge by the paella we consume.

Cait’s Sri Lankan cooking class included Coconut Cassava Chips and a Beetroot Curry which she promises to repeat when she arrives home. I’m not sure what wine goes with a beetroot or jackfruit curry. I’m not even sure what a jackfruit is, or where to buy one, though I am looking forward to the experience.

Daughter of mine always immerses herself into the cultures she visits including delving into the literature. It’s a habit she’s had since childhood: diving in head first from one interest till the next. Here’s Cat Balou’s tip for the next great Indian writer:

I’m a little anxious about any new cooking skill Pocahontas may bring back from her time in remote Nhulunbuy……………

Last Christmas (2019)

In an effort to escape the heat, smoke, and continual images of destruction by bushfire plaguing the TV I went to the flicks to see Last Christmas currently being promoted as the “christmas movie of the decade”.

Admittedly I am not, and never have been, a fan of George Michael and his music. Not much chop with the RomCom genre either.

In my mind Emilia Clarke will forever be Daenerys from Game Of Thrones and I will never forget that Jon Snow, over whom I wept tears of both joy and blood for seven long seasons, lost the plot over this blond bimbo with boobs. You dipstick Snow.

So Daenerys, oops Kate, is having a tough time of it: couch surfing, one night stands, too much booze, narcissistic and lazy. She’s been unwell you see. I blame the tattoos on her knuckles.

She meets Tom, played by tall, dark and altogether too perfect Henry Golding who provides her with another view of life and helps her to find herself. Their repartee tries so hard to be slick like that in a John Green novel but fails due to Kate’s schoolgirl giggle.

You just know there is going to be a twist. Fifteen minutes before the end Kate does have an attitude readjustment though she’s stuck with the tats, poor love. For all but those last 900 seconds this was a pretty depressing rom-com. 

A crazy Asian actress, Michelle Yeoh, gets her 15 minutes of fame and her love interest is even loopier.

And it doesn’t matter how many times the song “Last Christmas” plays in the background there is just no emotional connection whatsoever. Where’s Michael Bauble when you need him. ( * There’s a spoiler in the words of the song.)

Actress Emma Thompson and her husband are the architects of the story and she earned her dough playing Kate’s mother with a East European accent laid on as thick as jam and cream at a Devonshire Tea.

I’ve been reliably informed Clarke makes a “hot as” elf. I just don’t get it. Maybe it’s another Millennial / Boomer thing.

For a little Christmas lovin’ my advice is to avoid elves and stick with Die Hard. Or When You Were Sleeping.

Rating: Not one tissue required and sent sub-conscience memo to Jon Snow: matey, your sword work needs to improve.