Nothing Beats An Arrow Through The Neck

Survived Easter thanks to an in-house Russell Crowe Festival and the odd cheese platter.

I do like Russ. He’s very normal. And look what he achieved for a languishing football club in the south of Sydney. Talk about cultivating societal change. Kudos for helping the * Firies too. Sure beats flogging coffee machines on the tele.

Just love Cinderella Man, a loose account of the rags-to-riches story of boxer, James J. Braddock. A day labourer during the Depression he flukes a win in the ring which sees him go on to challenge the heavyweight champion, Max Baer. And win. (Like duh).

Must admit that I also enjoy Crowe’s Robin Hood. It must say something when every time the movie comes to the finish line the entire lounge room erupts into cheer when a certain baddie cops an arrow through the neck. Now that’s satisfaction.

Talking of Robin Hood, recently received a lovely little Corona 19 Survival Pack. It ‘s also known as a stimulus-package-without-the-stimulus.

Now that certainly beats a coffee machine, doesn’t it?

The only issue is that I’ve had to rearrange the She-Shack, which came very close to becoming The Flynn Room, except it is now full of projects for the duration. Didn’t your parents drum into you that idle hands were the devil’s playthings?

Watched Desperate Journey last night with Alan Hale and Ronald Reagan.

Laughed my head off which probably isn’t a good thing in a war movie though the comic book ease with which these downed Allied airmen outwit, out maneuver, and out punch the Nazis is good fun. Just leave your brain at the front door and go with it.

The last scene has the surviving heroes fly into the setting sun over England, thousands of Nazis on their tail, when Flynn, in very Flynnesque mode says, “Now for Australia and a crack at those Japs!”

Errol won the war – again!

*Firies, or Fire Service. We’re a slack lot and abbreviate everything. Cya.