Australian Author Challenge : The House At Evelyn’s Pond by Wendy Orr.

Jane is taking an emergency international flight to England from her home in Australia, following the news of her mother’s death. Ruth had been holidaying in London with her cousin when she passed, having travelled from her home in Canada.

The long journey presents a time of reflection and the novel weaves through tales of Ruth as a young pilot ferrying Airforce planes from one airfield to another during World War 2, from meeting and marrying RAF Navigator, Bill, and then relocating to Nova Scotia to join Bill on the family farm.

Thirty years later and young Jane, a primary school teacher, heads to London from Canada, staying with Ruth’s cousin. She joins a bus tour through Europe where she meets Ian, from an Australian farming family. She in turn makes the decision to leave Canada to make a home in Australia with Ian.

Megan, Jane and Ian’s acupuncturist daughter, is hiking around Canada with her new lover, and does the road trip to meet up with Jane at Ruth’s home at Evelyn’s Pond, but only after Jane has had a couple of days on her own to reminisce in the family home.


I enjoyed this three generational novel and found it very well written – tight and not full of flowery description as Is the tendency of a lot of female authors. Many of the situations were very familiar which added to my enjoyment: Ruth in the Air Transport Auxillary and the bombing of London, the Magical Mystery Bus Tours out of London in the 60s, and the Holistic Healing using meridians and acupuncture practised by the granddaughter.

It was also an interesting tale in that despite the different pathways and personalities of these women, they still have so very much in common. There connectedness is tangible. History repeating itself and all that…..

(Note : Stumbling across this book was a complete fluke. Wendy Orr is also the author of Nim’s Island. What a great find!)