Little Street Library Update and Dinosaurs

I’ve been taking the five minute walk up to the local parkland to check on the status of the Little Library every weekend. You know, making sure there is a variety of books to borrow and that there has been no vandalism.

I’m pleased to report that local residents have taken ownership and there are books being donated, and being taken, and more importantly, the facility is being respected.

Once a month I remove books that aren’t moving and donate those elsewhere. Those empty spots are always being refilled with fresh reads and magazines by strangers.

Our Little Library now has its own Facebook Page so it has taken on a life of its own.

The other weekend there was a children’s party held in the parkland. Lots of balloons, picnic rugs, and eskies full of supplies. At one stage, sitting around in a circle in the winter sun, each of the Little People had a book from the Library in their lap.

There are a couple of young families that ride their bikes down most afternoons, use the playground equipment       ( Way to go, Mums – wear the blighters out so they will sleep well), and then borrow a new book for bedtime reading.

Here are some photos I’ve taken over the last few weeks which indicate the enjoyment this has added to our neighbourhood, especially for our kiddies. (And no, I have never been considered childcentric, but instilling a love of reading in all People, Big and Little, has to be a good thing on so many levels, doesn’t it?)