Lenny and La La

Another week over and it’s been an absolute rollercoaster. Gemini’s don’t do mediocrity.

Had a huge win at a local preloved book sale for charity, scoring interesting reads for both myself and the Little Library.


The local community theatre put on a fun little production with the title Drinking Habits, about a couple of nuns making and selling wine without Mother Superior’s knowledge. Twenty dollars a ticket, with tea and coffee, or the option to purchase vino with a cheese platter. Why these events don’t attract more bums on seats I just don’t know. Great value and good fun. ( and honestly folks, isn’t Theatre so very much better than watching cricket on TV? Shane Warne? Kill me now).

I lost two more very good friends this week : Lenny and La La. The neighbours complained about their squabbling so they had to move out. Still prone to random outbursts of tears, so I’m obviously still grieving.


Lenny and La La were the last of my pets since downsizing and have gone to acreage where they can screech to their hearts delight. Wondering if I should have made the move with them…..

Thank goodness for the funniest movie I have ever watched in my life : Snakes On A Plane – simply hilarious. Highly recommended when you are in the need for absolute rubbish. Rolling-on-the-floor funny/stupid. Cheaper than a visit to the Therapist.

As is the usual practice, fighting sadness by keeping busy. Will see Bohemian Rhapsody this weekend, attend the local fundraiser where I’ll donate some time, and will listen to The Travelling Wilbury’s, eat dark chocolate, and drink some Bubbles. I am taking heed of my GP who encourages the addition of more fruit to my diet. Mangoes and Lychees are delicious in champagne, don’t you agree?

Enjoy your weekend, Peeps.

Miss you heaps, Lennie and La La. xxx