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News in from the Uniting Church’s Hands Up monthly newsletter states : “January saw the Brisbane Bookfest and what a whopper it was! Over $1.459 million raised to support our 24 hour Lifeline Crisis Support line which was over $200k above the target!”

That’s a lot of preloved books, comics, magazines and CDs sold for charity. And here’s the rub – Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city. What must the figures be like in Sydney and Melbourne? And who said it was the time of electronic reading devices?

We do it all again mid year. I’m already squirrelling my gold coins away!


The Little Street Library Project which I instigated will be fully functioning by late March. After spotting one of these mini constructions whilst holidaying I initiated the building of something similar on my own front lawn, only to realise that in a cul de sac there would be minimal traffic to take advantage of the facility.


So I took the concept to my local Councillor who ran with the idea of erecting a mini library in the local parkland. Construction has been completed by the local Men’s Shed as a community project using steel for anti vandalism purposes. The Councillor has arranged for the locking and unlocking of the Little Street Library to be part of the daily tasks of the cleaner, employed by Council, when he attends to his duties each morning and night. So that’s kicking Vandalism’s butt also.


So why the delay? In an attempt to beautify the area in which the Little Street Library will be installed, and because the surrounding area is native bushland that abounds with wildlife, the Councillor has organised a bushland mural which will soften the look of the building to which the facility will be attached, adding to the total ambience – touch wood.

This is the pattern of the mural:


The books are ready for inclusion, thanks to friends for donations, especially the magazines and children’s books. I’m wondering if I should add a couple of small family board games…….


I also have a box of pre loved DVDs and CDs , all very playable, though have concerns about possible claims of damage to electronics. I’m told a couple of blokey sports books would also be appreciated. Yeah, like I have anything of that genre laying around…….

The LOML is donating a couple of books festooned with Dragons, and is adamant that the collection include a book covering chakras/meridians/astrological influences. Because the local Leaf Blowing Brigade will just love that!

Any additions required, you think?


Update 1: Project – Street Library

I recently shared with you my interest in creating a Little Street Library in my local neighbourhood.



A) They can enhance community spirit and
B) Encourage a love of books.

If you are at all interested please refer to: https://streetlibrary.org

Where am I up to with this project?

As my residence is in a cul de sac with limited passing traffic, both vehicular and foot, getting a Street Library off the ground becomes a little more complicated. There is a park only streets away on the main thoroughfare through the suburb which is the focal point for the local community – walkers, joggers, mums with prams, families – which makes for a far better position.

Of course, this is why it all becomes so much more complicated. If it were my property it would be just a matter of building and fixing in an appropriate area. Bit like all the possums I have in the back garden.

Council Property makes the proposition a whole lot trickier, so of course my first task was to make contact, putting my suggestion to the Councillor that manages my electorate. The Councillor’s reply was prompt and receptive and she wants to drop in for a chat to hear my ideas.

Essentially, this week I’ve been ideas gathering as well as shining the tea pot for her visit.

Council Funding is always a dicey one, right? So what about we get the local Men’s Shed on board to do the build?
A)This saves the Council money
B)Provides a valuable task for the fellas that volunteer at the local Men’s Shed.

Not heard of the Men’s Shed Movement before? Very big here in Australia, and to be honest, the saviour of many marriages when a bloke retires and finds he has too much time on his hands. They are a venue for lots of Secret Men’s Business, as well as projects such as building toys for disadvantaged kiddies, restoration of equipment for museums, and other worthwhile projects. They’ve also been known to cook a decent snag on the BBQ at fundraising events and create a bond and comerarderie. Refer http://www.menshed.org

My work colleagues are all book hounds, so the initial supply of reading material to house is no problem, and more importantly, at NO COST to the Council. I may have to filter some of the popular New Age and Alternative books but that’s okay. A few pre loved children’s books from the local Charity Shop is a minimal expense, and I enjoy an excuse to browse in case there are any Errol Flynn biographies not yet setting on my bookcase.


My last concern, and the biggest, is the need to canvas the thoughts of the residents that live adjacent to the parkland in question. Do I or don’t I? Personally, I think as a matter of courtesy it would be the right thing to do. It may even enhance “ownership” of the facility by neighbouring properties.

Any thoughts on this would be most appreciated – thank you.

Off to bake some Anzac Biscuits. The way to a Councillor’s heart is via their stomach, or something like that………