Today’s Life Lesson…… And The Little Street Library.

It has been over six months since I first mulled over the concept of erecting  a Little Street Library on my front lawn. I love both the practise of sharing and recycling books, as well as contributing to my local community. I shop locally, play locally, and extoll the virtues of my neighbourhood to a wider audience with my reviews of cafes, theatre, and exhibitions in the area via the World Wide Web.

For those wonderful souls in the blogosphere who have quietly listened to my frustration getting this Little Library project off the ground, literally, over the past months, I have some news to share.

Drum Roll please…………….


I think the wait has been well worth it, don’t you?

Thanks must go to so many community groups for the completion of this project, including the local Men’s Shed who gave up the purchase of a ride on lawn mower to instead purchase the steel fabrication machine to build the container that holds the books. The artist, a young man by the name of Ben, donated his time to complete this work over the weekend, and was a Grafitti artist/terrorist in a previous lifetime, and now works as a Youth Worker. What a journey for a young man with a family!

My local Council representative has been wonderful to deal with having dropped in to my home on several occasions to discuss issues concerning the project – usually when I’m looking my worst having been in the garden for hours, up to my armpits in chook manure. Tracey, I have so many more projects that we need to discuss : a Street vegetable garden, road signs to warn drivers of the wildlife sharing our roads, and Bees. Yes, Native Bees.

Next week, the Library mobile van will be setting up in this parkland for the very first time, promoting Books and Reading in an event including craft and storytelling, aimed at the 0 to 5 year olds. Picnic blankets, hats and water bottles required. This kind of service wasn’t around when mine were Wee People but I can well imagine the pleasure of both mums and bubs.

The gas barbecue and rotunda are still on the agenda.

So, Today’s Life Lesson: You have to make things happen – they don’t just happen by themselves.

Woot Woo!


Finishing with a Nice Story:

Lots of locals gathered at the park yesterday to watch Ben quietly work away at his artwork. A little girl said to him  “ but there are no fairies”. Guess what. There is now:)