Have You Ever Cried At A Rock Concert?

I have.

Last night at the Queen and Adam Lambert Concert playing in the barn at the swamp. Oops, I meant the Brisbane Entertainment Centre.

Lead guitarist, Brian May, one of the two original Queen members, still has “it”. Seventy years of age and I remain pea green with envy of his hair. Yes, it may have turned grey, but look at those curls. I hate men with good hair, don’t you? It is just so unfair. And his prowess on the gee-tar? Simply phenomenal.

The original drummer, Roger Taylor, may have walked on stage looking like he could play Santa at the local Shopping Centre next Christmas, but he did not lose a beat. Just brilliant. The drumming duel with a young fellow, forty years his junior, only emphasised his expertise.

Amazing musicians, and much thanks to my beautiful girls for flying in from cooler parts of the country for a night on the town with the “old bag”.

Young Adam Lambert is pretty, flamboyant, a showman, and charismatic. I think I’m in love…… ( Look, a bloke who comes on stage in black pants and a sparkley dress – sparklier than anything than I’ve ever worn – but still has me excited has to be good. Right?)

Yes, I had consumed a wine or two with lunch. Yes, I am on the wrong side of 50.

What brought me to tears?

Two things.

The realisation that these were Rock Gods performing, who in all likelihood, I may never have the opportunity to see perform live again.

And just like this video: Freddy Mercury. There was a “ kinda magic” in the barn last night. (Courtesy of You Tube)

And just because this is totally devoid of any reference to books, here’s the Pre Concert lunch that I prepared:-

Steamed fish goyzas , oysters kilpatrick, bbq prawns, marinated octopus, deep fried coconut prawns, sand crab, beer battered scallops and fresh prawns. Home baked whole meal bread too, but could someone please remind me to buy a decent bread knife…


Literary Luncheons and Dinners at the local pub.

November is shaping up as one of those months that contain all my favourite elements: books, good food, and a glass of wine. To add to my pleasure, the series of events feeding my joy require both minimal travel and funds. What’s not to love?

The iconic Grand View Hotel in Cleveland is hosting a number of Literary Dinners and Luncheons suitable for a wide audience with varied interests. For the lovers of home renovations Cherie Barber, affectionately known as the Reno Queen, will be spruiking her book, Renovating For Profit, at a dinner on November 3rd, commencing at 7pm.


Much-loved celebrity from numerous TV home improvement shows, Scott Cam, is promoting Scotty’s Top Aussie Sheds, which I predict will be the most popular stocking filler for Christmas 2017. Cam will be at the Grandview Hotel on November 10th, commencing at 7pm.

Again for the fellows, or those with a military bent, Chris Masters’ latest release is sure to be a source of great interest, No Front Line – Australia’s Special Forces at War in Afghanistan. Meet Chris on November 13th commencing at 12pm. Ahhh, a lunch with a view across the bay to Stradbroke Island. How good is this.

For a change of pace, international women’s romantic fiction writer, Rachael Johns, will be chatting about her latest publication, The Greatest Gift, on November 6th over lunch.

Adventurists and thrill seekers, Michael Smith, Australian Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year, discusses his book Voyage of the Southern Sun about a solo journey around the world. This is another lunchtime event on November 4th, commencing at noon.

Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Brisbane celebrity and entertainer, will be discussing her memoirs, A Bold Life, at lunch on November 17th.

These Literary Lunches commence at noon and go through to 2 pm and include a two-course meal and a glass of wine on arrival. Dinners commence at 7pm, ending at 9pm, and also include a 2-course meal and welcoming drink.

The Grand View Hotel, Cleveland, is well versed in catering for these functions, having supported Literary presentations for  many years.

Might be worth pulling a sickie and losing an afternoon at one these functions, don’t you think?