I’ve been a flibbertigibbet this week. Haven’t even picked up one book to read.

Putting it down to getting so close to Retirement. It’s a subconscious thing, but all of a sudden I’ve stopped jumping out of bed by 5am, a habit I’ve been trying to break for twenty years. When the boss rings on my day off I ignore it. Not only that, I don’t even hear the phone ring. Yesterday, I didn’t crawl out of my pjs till after lunch. Marketing meetings at work go right over my head.Who cares?

Yep, my head is elsewhere and I’m just loving being irresponsible, something I have never, ever, been in my entire life.

And talk about serendipitous, some amazing doors have opened for me in the past few days :

0. I am pet and house sitting in the Hunter Valley for a month. Australians are all on a “help a local farmer program” because of the ongoing drought. Viticulturalists are farmers. I aim to do by best to assist the Hunter Valley wine industry
0. Won a scholarship to Open University as one of the “new faces” to Retirement for a specialist retirement organisation. New face – I hope that includes plenty of Spakfiller.
0. By sheer fluke I stopped at a Garage Sale last weekend – picked up some more cheap classic DVDs and books to ease me through long days and nights – only to discover the people are involved with the local retirement scene and welcome my skills as a publicity officer.
0. A girlfriend from 40 years ago wants me to attend her birthday function in another part of my world. If I was working I couldn’t consider it. Guess what? It’s my retirement gift to myself.

Getting all that off my chest I’m going to attempt a new book :Origin by Dan Brown.

Well, maybe not.

It’s just so exciting when all your ducks line up.

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