Visiting Beaudesert, S E Qld

With all travel plans flying out the window this year we have continued with our short trips away to places close to home yet previously unexplored. The benefits are numerous :

  • Provides stimulation. I tend to go feral when bored. It’s a Gemini thing.
  • Provides an opportunity to learn more about my own country.
  • Provides an opportunity to drop a few funds in a community that may be doing it tough
  • Provides an opportunity to pick up a possum tea cosy.

Beaudesert is 90 kms southwest of Brisbane making it an easy destination for day-trippers for those from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Located on the Mt Lindesay Highway, the area sources its income predominantly from rural activities such as cropping, grazing and equine activities. 

The township boasts several heritage-listed sites including the Beaudesert War Memorial in William Street and the Racecourse and Grandstand on Beaudesert-Boonah Road.

Under normal circumstances, Brisbanites tend to drive straight through Beaudesert. I was meant to attend a Charity Race Meeting a couple of years back but consistent rain flooded the track which meant the horse racing was cancelled and replaced by pig races. I didn’t bother.

We used Beaudesert as a base camp to investigate some of the surrounding smaller areas such as Rathdowney. The terrain, after a little rain, with its winding creeks and Eucalypts is just lovely and is known as Thoroughbred Country with all its horse studs.

We visited the Beaudesert RSL ( Returned Services League, more affectionately the Rissole) for a beaut lunch and again later that evening for a Share Plate and something chilled in front of the footie which was appropriate for November the 11th.

There was also an interesting exhibition in the main street highlighting the local indigenous families who had contributed to the war effort in times past.

My favourite spot in town is the Information and Arts Centre where the Devonshire Tea with homemade scones overlooking local parkland was perfect. I also finished my Christmas shopping. No doubt there will be a rush on tea cosies.

One for Baby Kilometres for Xmas
And one for me.

7 thoughts on “Visiting Beaudesert, S E Qld

  1. The tea cosy is too cute and the books look interesting too. I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet but I’m going to get it done soon (the pandemic has really messed with my planning)! By the way, what is a footie? I can usually figure out the terms that I haven’t heard before using context clues but this one is baffling….

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    1. Apologies, Muri, I sometimes forget we speak different languages 😂 Footie is a sport (Football). We are a slack lot and abbreviate everything:) My shopping had to completed early as mail to my daughter goes by plane and then barge to rural and remote Australia, taking anything up to four/five weeks.


  2. Congratulations on the Christmas shopping. I’ve not even thought about it yet, despite all the red and green decorations. No xmas carols playing in the supermarket yet though….


    1. Pauline, I’ve been picking up small handmade items from the rural communities I’ve been visiting since we were freed from Lockdown. Things such as soaps, chutneys, jams, hand lotions, foot soaks etc.
      I’m not particularly interested in the whole palaver this year but these purchases along the way have made it easier.
      I’m certainly not ready for Bing’s White Christmas.

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  3. Survival on Ambon has an irresistible cover. I think my husband was the model for that drawing,
    Those blue skies are almost painful to the eye; living in So. CA, I’m used to being able to see what I’m breathing. That air looks a little frightening.


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