Eyebrows, Netflix and A Book

With no reprieve from the heat and the temperature now nudging 42 degrees I’ve given up the good fight and have succumbed. I’m not comfortable binging on Netflix though it has prevented the odd burst of madness. And who knew that “ watching Netflix and chilling” was slang for something else?

So I’ve watched BirdBox along with 45 million other people from all over the world this week apparently, (Creepy as), and also Tidelands, Netflix’s first Australian production.

Tidelands, with its eight episodes, is about drug trafficking and Water Sirens from Greek mythology. Bizarre concept, right…..Does it work ? The critic from the Adelaide Review summed it up with, “in essence, it’s Home and Away with bosoms and magic, and that augurs well for its future……”.

I have never seen so many beautifully crafted eyebrows, nor attractive young men in tight leather pants at the beach, as you do, of course, and I will forever more look at the use of kitchen bench tops differently. Blaming the heat I will admit to battling with the storyline, from beginning to end, but yeh, must get the address of that brow sculpture specialist.

On to Bruce Willis in Hart’s War, which in turn led to an interesting book, The Black Knights, The Story of the Tuskegee Airmen, by Lynn Homan and Thomas Reilly. This was a fascinating read about the African Americans who participated in a flight training program during WW2 as a social experiment and went on to serve escorting bomber planes over Europe and North Africa. Great book with personal stories and photographs which made it so much more interesting. It’s also not that long ago….

Please, no walking around in blind folds and always remember to keep your kitchen bench tops clean.

As Time Goes By in a Heatwave

You know it’s hot when the paper hat from the Christmas bonbon disintegrates on your head. Just another heatwave, though this time with warnings of an invasion of ginormous funnel web spiders, narky brown snakes who don’t like being disturbed whilst romancing, and off beach shark sightings. No wonder people rave about Netflix.

Another of my books I discovered on the daughter’s bookshelves is As Time Goes By by Michael Walsh. Published in 1998, I have again enjoyed this easy read, which is a sequel to what happens in the 1940’s movie, Casablanca, starring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman.

Come on….Didn’t you want to know what happened after Ilsa and Victor flew out of Casablanca? Weren’t you worried how Rick and Louis Renault got on after shooting Heinrich Strasser?

This novel also provides Rick’s back story and information in the file kept on him by the Nazis. It’s a fun read, with the author transferring the tone of the characters from the movie into the book, and providing a satisfying ending. More importantly, it doesn’t detract from the original in any way. How could it?

Hey, it’s stinking hot. Every girl can do with a bit of fluff occasionally. Plus, there’s crocodiles invading the gardens of northern Queensland following the recent floods. Inside in the air conditioning is safer.

And I’ve started a box of books I have repatriated…….

Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence

Twenty three pages of instructions later the Labrador remains alive and all electronics have been mastered. Who said that you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Located one of my DVDs in the daughter’s storage unit yesterday. ( Why is it they never leave the nest with stuff I don’t want, may I ask?)

Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence intrigued me when I first viewed it back in the 80s and I’ve never forgotten the haunting beauty of the boy soprano or the soundtrack.

Based on a novel by Sir Laurens van de Post, The Seed and the Sower, the author utilised his experiences as a POW in Java during WW2. He was bilingual and renowned for keeping morale high amongst his fellow prisoners. From memory, the writing was a bit flowery for my simple tastes.

It is important to note that although I have done David Bowie at karaoke in a country pub many years ago, and thankfully along way from home, I’m not a mad fan. Simply easy listening stuff.

In this movie, David Bowie plays a  WW2 British soldier, Jack Celliers, who is captured by Japanese forces and is detained in a prison camp. He plays a duty bound, soldier’s  soldier, and has an amazing onscreen presence. Almost feline, he is fascinating to watch, despite the over zealousness in applying his fake tan. I’m wondering if it’s his presence that makes up for any flaws in the movie.

He becomes matey with Lt Col John Lawrence, played by Tom Conti, who is bilingual  and who translates the Japanese language and customs. He’s really into understanding the Japanese perspective, which I guess appeases the Japanese Director.

I am fascinated by this movie though I’m not sure why. There are homophobic themes which I don’t think are necessary, themes about defiance and saving face, and themes about different belief systems. There is also no happy ever after. The title comes from Celliers and Lawrence having their death sentence reprieved at Christmas, so there is no Ho Ho Ho-ing as such.

I do still love the boy soprano and the soundtrack, and can’t confirm whether or not I actually like the movie. It’s an interesting watch.

Aussie Jack Thompson overplays it as usual. Always a legend in his own lunchtime……

The dog is down for a nap – that’s my queue to follow. Truly, it’s like having a baby in the house all over again…….

An Early Xmas With Bentley

My Christmas daughter and her military boy have left to follow the Inca Trail. This leaves me safely ensconced in the Hunter Valley on house and dog sitting duties, on a crusade to save the indoor plants.

If you think minding a Labrador is an easy task, think again. Bentley failed both Puppy School and Obedience Classes before it was discovered he was as deaf as a doorpost. I wailed like a banshee when he was finally diagnosed, happier to think he was merely recalcitrant. A “ revenge is sweet” kind of thing……Thankfully, it took only months to master canine sign language.

So this spoilt pup, who has been my daughter’s companion for the last two years with the partner on deployment and elsewhere, has been dining on scrambled eggs and salmon for breakfast on weekends, and fish and chips after his weekly half marathon.

Guess what ?

I love this pup like you wouldn’t believe but I refuse to feed him salmon and half marathons, any marathons at all, are definitely out of the question.

The plan is to entertain Bentley at the beach early every morning for a run and or/a swim, and hopefully he will practice patience whilst I lose an hour with the surf rod. Because of his hearing impediment I cannot let him off the lead – he is renowned locally for helping himself to both picnic baskets and eskys. His beautiful nature means that people laugh rather than fume.

No doubt Bentley will be weighed upon his parents return. My lean, mean fighting machine child likes her Labrador the same way.( A lean Lab – is that an oxymoron?).

This mother-of-the -bride’s main job was to find an outfit for Bentley to wear walking Josie down the aisle. It wasn’t easy finding a bow tie to match the bride’s shoes I tell you….

Back home blinds will be closed and the pup and I will enjoy the book and movie collection. And Netflix too if I can work out the instructions. The washing machine is proving a major challenge as well……..

It’s going to be a long six weeks. Thankfully, the Calvary arrives in a week in the form of the other daughter.

Warm Wishes for the Season, whatever that may mean to you.