Two Book Reviews In One.

Lots of opportunities for reading over the past few days and unknowingly I chose two books with similar themes. Spooky or what?

Ghost Children by Sue Townsend was an interesting novel. I had previously read all seven books from the author’s series of Adrian Mole Diaries, commencing when I was 18 years of age, so not that very much older than Adrian at his first appearance. Twenty five years later and Adrian hits 50 with a prostate issue, is still lusting over Pandora, and is totally insufferable. God, love him…..

There is no Adrian Mole in Ghost Children, but rather an Angela and a Christopher who were young lovers, and both on the dysfunctional side of the spectrum. Angela has an abortion and leaves Christopher, moving on to another life with another misfit.
Christopher, on the other hand, never moves forward and after finding the remains of a dead baby in the local park, becomes obsessed with finding Angela again and is totally focussed on the loss of his child all those years ago.

Whilst all this navel gazing is happening Christopher meets a couple with a young baby which only heightens his quest for a child. This couple, sadly, are deadbeats – druggies, criminals, and breed like rabbits. Their first child is eventually taken from them by the state because of woefully poor parenting, and their second child is eventually purchased by Christopher, who is restarting a life with Angela.


Well written, this is a good read despite the depressing content. Unfortunately, with Townsend’s recent passing we will never find out how Adrian navigates Aged Care.

Australian Author, Michael Robotham, released his latest novel earlier this year – The Secrets She Keeps.

Agatha has been watching Meg for months, as she sees the beautiful mother of two as having the perfect life. Trendy friends with whom to do yoga and coffee, expensive house, baby on the way, writer of a popular mummy blog, and a handsome hubby who is a tv presenter.

Of course, if this was indeed the case, Robotham would not have a yarn to spin, would he? Both women have secrets and their worlds collide. Agatha lives in a world of fantasy, and Meg in her fantasy world.

Any more information would be a spoiler, and I won’t be in that, though remember what I said about similar themes? I will say that this is an easy read and the kind of book that you won’t put down until you find out how it all ends. Let’s call it a “three pots of tea” book.

And that’s my dose of dysfunction for the month, thank you very much. Doing my head in…….

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